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5 Hidden Signs in Your Hand that Indicate You may Have a Special Gift

Let’s talk about chirology, that particular art that owes its meaning to the etymology of the name itself: Kheir, hand, and logos, study, speech.

The signs of one hand and the hand itself, evoke symbols and symbolic values.

We think of the handshake as a gesture to seal an agreement or to give a hand as a movement of the spirit to help someone, to give a part of themselves for the other.

Chirology is an ancient tradition that derives from the East, from India, then transited into Greece, which reached our western way in antiquity but which, recently, has lost its sense of its value for the abuse that is been done, by charlatans and improvised scholars.

Not to be confused with palmistry, although the two concepts have often been combined after being worked, and personalized, by different cultures and ethnic groups, including the millenary one of nomadic and gypsy peoples.


The purest purpose, if we can define it this way, of chirology is the acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of oneself, in order to allow the actual translation of one’s potentialities, through the highlighting of personal characteristics, readable precisely between the lines of one’s hand. Let’s see the 5 main signs:


5 Hidden Signs in Your Hand that Indicate You may Have a Special Gift:



1. The hidden cross.

1- The hidden cross

It is considered the most powerful sign in the palm and has an X shape placed between the lines of the head and the heart.

It indicates a great awareness of the powers that a person must know to possess.



2. The planetary cross.

2- The planetary cross

Present at the base of each finger, in turn, connected to a particular planet, this sign reveals the importance of the celestial body precisely associated with the line present in the hand.

The index is linked to Jupiter and indicates strength and fortune, the middle finger to Saturn, a symbol of rigor and harshness.

Apollo, a successful harbinger, is connected to the ring finger, while Mercury is associated with the little finger, the engine of various magical and supernatural powers.



3. The pyramid.

3- The pyramid

This sign is located at the base of the ring finger and at first sight, has a meaning that is not good.

It indicates a block of one’s personal karma, due to past events that block the positive development of one’s potential.



4. The symbol of the healer.

4- The symbol of the healer

These lines, placed at the base of the little finger indicate that the person has excellent ability to heal physical and psychological wounds.

They must cultivate this gift, in order to channel their energies into help and healing processes.



5. Astral lines.

5- Astral lines

The lines at the base of the palm are typical of shamans and magicians.

Those that are able to transcend the notions of space and time, and are able to reach levels beyond the astral and physical planes.


Do you have any of these signs? Let us know in the comment below…



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  1. Francess Noelle Timmer

    Yes, all 5.

  2. Maggie

    Yep 5 of them

  3. Caroline

    I have a triangle with an eye like shape along the base line on both palms the left palm is more defined . Anyone else have these marks ?

  4. John

    I don’t have the pyramid but I do have the others, with three of the “hidden cross” marks between the head and heart lines.

  5. Kimberly Rought


  6. Sabera Cronje

    I have 1;4;5

  7. Elisa Alcaraz

    I got the hidden cross and not sure how to picture the other ones might have the healer lines also

  8. shiela elimanco

    i have all the signs..

  9. Larry

    I have the marks of a healer

  10. Jen

    I have them all. My trangle is broken and there is a perfect diamond in the middle of the triangle. Can anyone please tell me what it all means? I’d greatly appreciate it, I cant find anything on the meaning of this. Thank you so much.

  11. Kayleigh

    I have 5, 4 and 1 what do all these together mean please?

  12. Florian

    I have the hidden cross and the symbol of the healer

  13. Bianka

    I have 1,2,3, and 5.
    Is that possible?

  14. Anyara

    I also have letter x on both palms

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