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4 Signs that Your Soul is Exhausted and What You Need to Do

More sleep will be useless if it is your soul that is tired. The world is currently suffering from a decades-long epidemic of stress. Our days are very busy, we come back from work later and we go to sleep later.

However, it is not only work that causes soul exhaustion. We need to worry about our security, the politics, the serious degradation of the state of our planet, the global economy and everything else. It’s a very different world in which we live compared to 10 years ago. Stress affects at least 9 out of 10 Americans, especially women.

We need to evolve as a human being. The way of being, thinking, acting or reacting of a human being, a group, a nation, is one of the keys to the evolution of the planet. In order to go in the right direction, we must connect with our deep essence.

The womb is the illusion in which we live that tries to keep us prisoners by using fear. Fear takes us away from our true nature and we stress. The rates of illness ranging from heart attacks to depression are on the rise, and stress could be the cause.

In this article we will see exactly the 4 signs that your soul is exhausted and what you need to do:


1. You dream of living a life that feels like yours.

If your soul feels tired, you have probably realized that reality is only an illusion and you are living a life that does not feed you.

You had enough. You want to leave everything to live closer to nature. You build a cabana in the forest and live in autarky… or maybe you dream to go live entirely on another planet, where life seems more peaceful and quiet. Your soul may be exhausted.

When your soul is exhausted you use your imagination to escape from reality. Creative people use their imagination to create books, movies, works of art, etc.

What to do:

Turn your pain into passion. You have a gift. It’s a passion that you have but you have no time to invest. You can devote some of your free time to your passion. You can start using your donation.

You can dare to live from your passion. Creating your business can be the right solution and allow you to live off your passion. This small business started in your free time can allow you to live the life of your dreams.



2. You feel disconnected from life.

You feel like a stranger in your own body and do not feel connected to the people around you. You have trouble making friends and you spend most of your time alone.

What to do:

Learn to communicate with yourself, connect with yourself, then connect with others, and communicate with others. Your soul may be exhausted.



3. You have anxiety, stress or depression.

You are tired but it is not only about physical fatigue, but it is also emotional and mental fatigue due to the need to satisfy demands for which the soul literally has no energy.

Living in depression, stress or anxiety is the harsh reality of much of the world’s population. Is it possible to find an inner place to rest in peace?

What to do:

Meditation appears as one of the solutions to our anxiety. Meditation can help you get better every day and be more connected to yourself and your inner essence.



4. No matter what you do, it does not bring you any joy.

If your soul is really exhausted, it will be hard for you to have fun no matter what you do. It brings you sadness, worry, and fear.

What to do:

You must reconnect with who you really are!

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