Advanced Soul: 14 Characteristics That Show You Might Be One

Advanced Soul: 14 Characteristics That Show You Might Be One

What is an Advanced Soul?

An advanced soul is an enlightened being who is embodied in this life with a purpose and a specific mission: to transform his corner of the world into a bright space and alignment.

Some people prefer to call them old souls since they have been incarnated in this world many times. These souls progressed to a more advanced state of spiritual knowledge, consciousness, and balance.



How to distinguish an Advanced Soul?

How to distinguish an Advanced Soul

Evolved souls have very different characteristics from other people.

Here are 14 characteristics of an advanced soul:


1. They have a soft and soothing voice.

When evolved souls speak, they do so with a deep and refined voice. They are not noisy. They offer wise and conflict-free instructions, although sometimes this is at odds with what you think is best for you.

Their answers carry a ring of truth and bring clarity that eliminates your confusion. Because despite their soft character, they are also firm in their convictions and their decisions.



2. Their aura is very deep.

They breathe tranquility. Their presence is very comforting and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. They are so quiet that you feel at peace with them as if nothing negative could happen to you. Although they are silent in principle, their presence speaks volumes.



3. Everything they say is sincere.

As they are deeply conscious beings, they act and speak with sincerity and comfort. You can not expect them to lie to you because their minds are guided by inner wisdom.



4. An advanced soul has a penetrating gaze.

When evolved souls look at you, you have the impression they see through your soul. Their eyes are so deep that they enter the depths of your heart. Their eyes are stable and do not move much. They shine with a light of deep peace, compassion, and wisdom.



5. They have a soft and comforting touch.

Their contact is very light on the skin and seems to bring healing to someone who suffers from problems in different areas of his life.



6. They look younger than their age.

The vicissitudes of life do not weigh them down. Their bodies are lighter, they have fewer wrinkles and lighter skin.



7. An evolved soul likes to spend time away from others.

It is an absolute in the lifestyle of an evolved soul to be able to rest, regenerate, rejuvenate and connect to the universe. When they spend time alone, it allows them to stay strong and spiritually anchored.



8. They immerse themselves in nature and connect with animals.

What they prefer is spending time in nature. Nothing beats the freshness and tranquility it brings. They consider that nature has a spirit that responds deeply to their spirit. Thus, the animals respond impatiently to them, as if they understood every word uttered by an advanced soul.



9. Their love is their compass.

Love is inscribed in their genes. And this love is the main tool they use to lead others on the right path.



10. They will willingly show the way, without ever imposing anything.

These souls show others the way in a non-imposing way. And, they will never tell anyone that they were right or that they could be wrong.



11. They believe in the unity and connectivity of all things.

Their perception of the world goes beyond borders and the color of the skin. Because their spirit is magnanimous: they feel bound even with the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea.



12. They are comfortable in their own skin.

Advanced souls tend to adapt perfectly to their environment. Because, they never lose their identity, no matter where you put them. They do not feel a hint of humiliation or idolatry.



13. They believe only in “what is”.

For evolved souls, there is neither positive nor negative, only what is. They live in non-duality. For they exist both in the whole and in nothingness. Their life is a continuous journey.



14. An evolved soul is not materialistic.

Despite their physical needs, they do not succumb to luxury and extravagance. Because they are fully aware of their temporary physical existence and thrive in a world without ego.


Do any of these characteristics speak to you? Have you come to realize you are an advanced soul? If you haven’t, do you know one that fits this description? Let us now and share your story in the comment section below…


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