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7 Things to Keep Secret in Order to Avoid Devastating Consequences

The researcher of oriental cultures, Vyacheslav Ruzov, in his article talks about the experience of the Indian sages. He talks about what is a secret and what we should not share publicly.

This world was built on truth, but it also requires balance and that is why the wise men warn us that it is better to keep certain things for ourselves. Secrets are part of the absolute truth, and that is why in our material world there is also a mystery, which has become a part of human culture.

Sharing a secret at the wrong time is like not talking about the absolute truth at the right time. Everything has its time.

There is a good time to be completely open, and there is time for puzzles and mysteries. Cultured people know how to behave in both situations. In a word, keeping secrets is not lying. This is one aspect of cultivated behavior.

Discover 7 things that you should keep a secret:



1. Your long-term plans.

Stay silent until you realize these plans. Most of our ideas are not perfect, but even imperfect.

They have many weaknesses, and if someone targets these weaknesses, everything can be destroyed.



2. Your good deeds.

Doing good is a rare sight in this world, so you have to cherish it and appreciate it deeply. Don’t give yourself too much credit for the good things you do.

Such an attitude boosts our ego and can quickly lead to pride, and that is not a good characteristic, is it?



3. Your asceticism.

Don’t talk about abstinence from food, sleep, sex, etc. Physical asceticism is only beneficial if it conforms to its spiritual and emotional aspects.



4. Your courageous and heroic efforts.

Yes, what you have done is positive, noble, and important, but it is just a test from God. We all face different tests daily. Some people experience external temptations, others go through internal ordeals. External tests are visible and people are rewarded for them.

However, no one notices us passing the internal tests and people are not praised for them. This is why the wise men advise the heroes of external victories to express their respect for the heroes of the internal struggle and not to put their achievements on the pedestal.

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5. Your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

It is only yours and no one should know. Reveal it to others only in situations where it is really needed, not only for you but also for them.



6. Your family issues and conflicts.

Remember: the less you talk about your family’s problems, the stronger and more stable they will be. Quarrels represent a release of negative energy that has accumulated during the communication process.

The more you talk about your problems, the more you believe in them.



7. Gossip and bad words that you have heard from someone.

Do not bad-mouth people, otherwise, you become them.

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