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4 Types of Cosmic Changes that Affect Your Energy and Physical Body

More and more people are realizing our deep connection with the Universe. Even science provides us with explanations of this connectivity through the Quantum Theory. And if you are one of those souls who enjoy observing the phases of the Moon, you have a natural instinct to know the effects of the Moon on us.

The Moon has the power to affect our moods, our minds, and even our bodies. The truth is that the Moon is not the only celestial body that has a direct effect on us. Everything in the cosmos is entangled and interconnected, everything has some sort of effect on everything else.

Cosmic events can affect the way we think and feel. But they also have an effect on our energies and physical body. This is how each cosmic change affects us:



1. Cosmic changes that make our energies low:

We are prone to having low energies when many planets are retrograde, which means that a significant transit or shift is underway. During this period, we must look back to our past in order to move forward.

If we are unaware, these low-frequency energies can create blockages that make us feel stuck, stagnant, lethargic, or unmotivated and lacking focus. On a physical level, we may experience digestive issues, bloating, irritability, a stuffy nose, constipation, muscle pain, and back pain. As a result, we crave extra time to sleep.



2. Cosmic changes that make our energies high:

The start of a new cycle, such as the New or the Full Moon, evokes higher energy. This also happens when a planet enters a new sign and in the event of a Solar or Lunar eclipse.

This high energy period increases our intuition and psychic abilities and activates our third eye. Because they give us a feeling of liberation, these high-frequency energies also amplify suppressed aches, pains, injuries, as well as good feelings. This is also the time when we feel more energetic and inspired.

On the physical level, we become more sensitive. Coughs, colds, and viruses are common during this time. Apart from that, the high-frequency energies can make our body prone to blood pressure issues, loss of balance, dizziness, skin conditions, and skin issues like pimples or acne. We also tend to feel insomniac, worry more, and be restless.



3. Cosmic changes that direct our energies inward:

How Cosmic Changes Affect Your Energy and Physical BodyWe need to direct our energy inward during a retrograde, the Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice. Directing our energy inward is necessary to end an old cycle and to prepare us to move on to the next chapter in our life.

The moments before and after a significant change or shift are moments of adjustment and reflection. By directing our energies inward, we can eliminate our physical symptoms and activate our body’s healing and liberation processes.

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4. Cosmic changes that direct our energies outward:

Our energies are directed outward during the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, that is, after starting a new cycle or energy shift. This frequency of outward energy helps inspire us and energize us into action.

On a physical level, the body’s healing process is stimulated and the symptoms are felt on an external level.



How to read the messages that your symptoms give:

We should take note that physical symptoms only appear when there are underlying blockages or issues that require our attention. You need to be more aware of the pattern between these events and the symptoms to find clues to your body’s healing.

Getting a headache during a Full Moon may suggest a blocked intuition that needs release and healing. Or, feelings of lethargy during times of low energy may indicate that you need to focus on your self-care.

During an eclipse, people can feel the same effect but don’t expect to feel the exact same because you have your own personal astrology. Examine your symptoms on a personal and energetic level. The cause of your symptoms may be different from others.

Whenever you feel something, ask yourself if there are things you are still holding onto.

An imbalance always manifests itself in physical symptoms. Whenever you experience these symptoms during cosmic changes, ask what the Cosmos is telling you. Rituals like meditation, exercise, and others are the best tools you can use to manage your energies during these times.

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