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4 Signs that Your Spiritual Guide is Trying to Help You

Many of us have had this strange feeling of not being alone when there was no one else in the same room. Or to feel a sudden wave of cold or goosebumps, even if the window was not open. Some things cannot be logically explained, they happen regardless of whether we admit it or not.

When you have felt strange things and you do not know why they happened, it may be that someone is trying to send you a message. Do not believe in coincidences, if something happens, it’s for a reason. Your role is to notice the thing and understand its purpose.

Here are four signs that might indicate that your Spiritual Guide is trying to help you:



When you suddenly feel a wave of cold air piercing you, take it as a sign. This can happen in a room or outside. Or when you encounter a new situation and your body is sore by the cold, take it as a sign.

These sudden changes in temperature are not always cold – sometimes you experience hot flashes, which are a bit more uncomfortable, but we are more aware of the situation. These changes in temperature show that a spirit tries to let you know that it protects you and takes care of you.



When you continue to see the same combination of numbers in different places and situations, do not think it’s just a coincidence. Generally, these numbers have special meaning and a spirit guide actually tries to send you a clear message.

Your mission is to decode it. So be careful of places and repetition of numbers and try to understand the message.



We all know that places, sounds, and smells can bring back memories. When you sometimes smell a familiar smell, it may be that the spirit of a loved one sends you a message.

For example, if you smell roses but there are none near you or you smell cigar smoke in the car, while no one smokes, it could simply mean that a spirit is showing you that he watches over you. So try to be attentive and do not forget to thank the spirits for sending you signs.



We know that in general animals have better senses than humans and that they can feel things that humans can not feel. When your pet starts acting strangely, it may mean that he really sees the spirit or feels his presence.

Know the spirit and try to comfort your pet. The spiritual guide is simply trying to catch your attention and comforting your pet will also comfort the guide.

Of course, there are different ways and signs to know how a spirit guide can contact you. Spirits are unique like all of us, so their way of contacting you can also vary. The most important thing is to notice the signs, take the time to listen to them and understand the message.

Be grateful to have a spiritual guide that watches over you.

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