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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best November 2020

November is always lovely. Whether you’re taking a stroll and enjoying the cool fall breeze or getting your holiday decorating on, this month is simply festive. There is a series of astrological aspects happening this month, but November 2020 will be the best month for Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

In addition to the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini, one of the main takeaways for November is that Mars, Mercury, and Neptune will finally station directly; two of them via their home sign. It still feels like a breath of fresh air, but there are still a few things to address in the process.

Despite Mercury’s catapulting forward, it will go once again in the righteousness sign of Libra, before re-entering Scorpio for the second time. It will be interesting, especially as regards information and contracts.

For more context, check which of the 12 astrological houses are ruled by Libra and Scorpio in your birth chart, as this is where you are bound to experience some sort of epiphany. Most importantly, generous Jupiter will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn for the third and final time.

This third wave of supercharged energy speaks to the dismantling, metamorphosis, and transformation underway. Themes concerning outdated structures, systems, and ideologies are again brought to the forefront for consideration.

Remember, Pluto destroys, strengthens, regenerates, and transforms, and Jupiter magnifies whatever it comes in contact with. After the Sun makes its debut in Sagittarius and Venus enters hypnotic Scorpio on November 21st, a Full Moon lunar eclipse will take the stage.

Shimmering through the sign of Gemini, this cosmic event will revolve around information processed, communicated, and shared on a collective level, and Mercury will be in the last degree of Scorpio, which is considered a critical degree. Stay tuned, as the show is about to begin. Discover why Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces are lucky this month:



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AriesYou are ready to go and feel confident in your approach. While you may see things from a completely different perspective, that’s where your superpower resides this month, Aries. If there’s anything the year 2020 has taught you, it’s that nothing is supposed to stay the same, even you.

November offers you a sparkling new perspective, and the adrenaline rush from your governing planet, Mars, stationing direct, will only heighten your passions. Empowering and transformative, November transits will inspire you more than you think, which is well deserved after all of your hard work.

This month is all about making moves with no regrets, so pursue whatever you desire. The lunar eclipse will touch your third house of communication, state of mind, and immediate exchanges. You might even learn something new in the process.

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SagittariusYou are more in tune with yourself and your desires. Are you ready for your birthday season, Sagittarius? You’re almost there, but pivotal conjunction between, Jupiter, your generous governing planet, and Pluto is here to awaken your greatest potential.

Coming together for the third and final time, via your pleasant second home of finances, stability, comfort, and unique possessions, it is time for you to seek out the abundance you crave and deserve. Venus will enter Scorpio on the first day of your birthday season, which will be a great transit for working behind the scenes, especially when it comes to your finances.

Since Scorpio rules your 12th house of universal wisdom, you may want to cultivate a relationship with spirit in the meantime. The Lunar Eclipse will shake up your seventh house of partnerships, bringing closure and clarity to a meaningful partnership. Follow your intuition.





PiscesYou feel like yourself again, and this is just the start. Reach for the stars, Pisces. With the Sun highlighting your expansive ninth house of opportunity, faith, and long-term goals for the first half of the month, you will look to the horizon with confidence and clarity.

However, things will only get more entertaining when Venus enters this area of your chart. In the meantime, before you can bask in the relief of your governing planet, Neptune, which stationing directly in your sign, it is important to stay present.

This is important because there will be a conjunction between your traditional governing planet, Jupiter, and Pluto, in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, social networks, and a sense of belonging to the world. Your sense of direction might change, but the Gemini Lunar Eclipse will light the way.

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