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Your Unluckiest Day in 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered about the astrology behind a bad day? I know I’ve caught myself blaming the planets for my bad mood once or twice, and more often than not when I check the transits for the day, they affect me quite strongly.

Astrology, of course, isn’t the only reason for a not-so-great day, but it can provide some insight into why you might be feeling uneasy, and taking a look at the astrological transits to come in 2022 can prepare you for what lies ahead.

With retrogrades, eclipses, and harsh aspects, the universe doesn’t always offer us transits that promote feelings of joy but tough times have a purpose, even if it’s not immediately obvious. The good thing is, the worst day of 2022 for your zodiac sign doesn’t have to catch you off guard.

Now, when I say “the worst day of 2022 for your zodiac sign”, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should hide under a rock until it’s over. It just means that on this day, make sure not to be so hard on yourself (or others) because you might be more prone to conflict or frustration.

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Knowing these transits can actually help you avoid big obstacles, allowing you to work with energy, not against it. Astrology is a tool not meant to invoke fear but to be used as a guideline.

Some days you feel on top of the world, and other days… not so much. It is the beauty of life, reflected in the cosmos. Here’s what day each sign might want to brace themselves for in the coming year:



Aries: October 30, 2022

aries magic ballOn this special day of Autumn, your ruling planet, Mars, will be going retrograde in lightheaded and curious Gemini, in your third house of communications.

As an action-oriented zodiac sign, you’ll be forced to slow down a bit, but you’ll probably really need it. The next year will be one of rapid growth for you, as Jupiter will briefly pay your sign a visit in Spring.

This moment of introspection will therefore be necessary. Mars will be retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023, so be mindful of how you communicate and express thoughts, opinions, and ideas during this time.




Taurus: May 15, 2022

taurus magic ballAs the lunar nodes continue to weave their way through your first and seventh house throughout 2022, the accompanying eclipses will be intense, especially those taking place in Scorpio, your sister sign.

Scorpio’s first eclipse will take place on May 15, putting the spotlight on your relationships (more importantly, those you’ll likely need to leave behind).

As a fixed sign, you tend to cling to things that bring you stability well past their expiration date, so this Eclipse may shake your world up a bit, but that’s for the best.




Gemini: August 20, 2022

gemini magic ballBe sure to mark August 20 on your calendar, Gemini, because that’s the day Mars enters your sign, where it will stay until January 12, 2023. This means Mars will stay in your first house for five consecutive months.

While Mars will be retrograde for much of this time, the planet of assertiveness and ambition moving into your chart’s most personal house is going to mark a fairly active time for you.

Be sure to take a moment to assess what your overall goals are for the rest of 2022, as you are going to go through a period where things pick up quickly and then slow down dramatically.

As someone who is great at multitasking, this transit will be great for that, but could also make you a bit more prone to burnout. Make sure to pace yourself for the rest of the year, you’re going to have a pretty full plate.




Cancer: March 3, 2022

cancer magic ballOn March 3, Mars and Pluto will meet in Capricorn, in your seventh house of partnerships and romantic relationships, potentially causing disruptions in these dynamics.

Your relationships have already undergone a slight shift when Venus retrogrades in Capricorn in December/January, and this transit is taking place very close to the degree where Venus initially went retrograde on December 19, echoing some of the themes that arose before.

As a water sign, you like your relationships to be stable and secure, but on March 3 you may notice some pretty significant disruptions. If you can, try to avoid conflicts on this day, as they may escalate.




Leo: August 14, 2022

leo magic ballYour warm and expressive nature will be put to the test on August 14, as Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius opposite Sun, your ruling “planet”. Since the Sun and Saturn are polar opposites, this day can generally make you feel uneasy, and this will likely stem from your relationships with others.

This has been an area of focus for you over the past year and a half (Saturn has been transiting your seventh house since December 2020), and on this day it may be necessary to make some much-needed adjustments.

You can’t keep allowing anyone to stop you from being true to yourself, so this transit can mark a significant turning point for you and a potential partner.




Virgo: May 10, 2022

virgo magic ballOn May 10, your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde in your tenth house of career and public image, which will significantly slow down your professional life.

You’re someone who likes to keep busy, so retrogrades tend to be a bit of a challenge for you, especially when they’re in a sign like Gemini. It can mark a period of introspection, and while you may have to adjust to slowing your pace, it’s a necessary break.

Lasting only about three weeks, your ruling planet going retrograde serves as a reminder to review, reflect, and revise anything in your career that has left you unsatisfied until June 3.




Libra: September 9, 2022

libra magic ballAs the peacemaker of the zodiac (and an air sign), you rely heavily on Mercury to help you get your words and opinions across.

On September 9, this could become a problem as Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, aka your first house of self. During this time, it’s best to draw your energy inward a bit, as it can be a little harder to get your words across than usual.

Conflicts and miscommunication are much more likely during a Mercury retrograde, and as a Libra, these are things you tend to avoid, so be mindful of how your words come across until October 2.




Scorpio: November 8, 2022

scorpio magic ballTransformation is a pretty big theme for you in 2022, and the eclipses along the South Node in your sign, as well as along the North Node in Taurus, tend to be the biggest marks of change.

On November 8, there will be a total lunar eclipse in your seventh house of relationships, revealing something important to you in this area.

Although change is something you tend to resist at first, it’s ultimately for the best. Now is the time to prioritize the comfort and stability you seek in relationships, however uncomfortable it may be.




Sagittarius: July 28, 2022

sagittarius magic ballOn this day in July, Jupiter in Aries will be retrograde in your fifth house of self-expression and creativity, causing a fairly significant period of withdrawal.

As the ruler of your chart, Jupiter prioritizes the continued growth and expansion of your life as it whips around the zodiac, but the retrograde marks a period of slowdown.

Be sure to use this time wisely. You have done a lot this year and gained time to rest and reflect. Don’t let this retrograde discourage you. Things will begin to pick up again on November 23, as Jupiter goes direct.




Capricorn: June 4, 2022

capricorn magic ballAs a cardinal earth sign, you’re always actively looking for ways to be productive and goal-oriented. But on June 4, things will really start to slow down a bit.

Saturn, your ruling planet, will be retrograde on this day in your second house of money and resources, and you will certainly notice this change.

This year has started off with a bang for you, so don’t let this slowdown discourage you.

You will reach your goals in due time, but for now, use this time to catch up on some of the things you may have neglected over the past few months. As frustrating as it may be, you definitely need a moment to catch your breath.




Aquarius: Feb. 4, 2022

aquarius magic ballOn February 4, your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, and the ruler of your seventh house of relationships, the Sun, will meet in your first house of self.

As Saturn and the Sun don’t really like being around each other, this day you might be a little more prone to feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes to managing relationships.

Be sure to avoid having volatile conversations with other people, as they are more likely to get it wrong.




Pisces: July 28, 2022

pisces magic ballOn this day, your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, retrogrades in Aries, in your second house of money and resources.

You’ve seen immense growth here over the past few months, so now is a great time to slow down, take a step back, and assess how far you’ve come.

While these times can be difficult to deal with at first, you’re a water sign, which means you need time to process your emotions and what your new relationship with your finances looks like. Things will pick up again on November 23 and you will feel like yourself again.



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