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This 8 Step Meditation can Help you Open your Third Eye

The Hindus and Buddhists consider the third eye as a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom. The third eye is supposed to be associated with extra-sensory perception, intuition, concentration, and “inner visualization”.

Our spiritual body has several energy centers. These are called “chakras”. In Sanskrit, a chakra is a spinning wheel or a vortex. Of the many chakras in our body, seven are considered the most important. From the base of the spine, the seven chakras are in a vertical column up to the top of the head. The sixth of the series is called the third eye.

These chakras remain initially dormant in our body, so we must first open or activate them.

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This 8-step meditation can help you open your third eye:


1. Take time for yourself.

I advise you to meditate in the morning. You can concentrate more in the morning than at any other time of the day.


2. Choose a comfortable position to meditate.


3. Take some deep breaths.

Open the doors and windows of your mind and let all disturbing thoughts and feelings escape.


4. Close your eyes and focus on the area between your eyes.

During third-eye meditation, you make contact with your inner energies and accumulate them to help you progress to higher levels of spiritual awareness. You acquire the wisdom to distinguish what constitutes our material world in order to go beyond.

You can also try this meditation by looking at yourself in a mirror. While inhaling, focus on the area between the eyebrows. Visualize a gateway to the state of enlightenment: you can allow consciousness to develop beyond the earthly levels.


5. Let your mind be lost.

By searching for the meaning of your existence, you create a connection with your deep essence through your third eye.


6. Find contact with your deep essence.

Do this while allowing your mind to travel to places you can not imagine to exist in the material world.


7. Now listen to the voices that are in you.

Let these voices resonate with every particle of your mind. With deeper breaths, let your body and mind let themselves be engulfed slowly by the energy released. This energy moves from your third eye to other parts of the body, transmitting positive sensations to your spine, descending to your feet and the soles of your feet.


8. Now, imagine this flow of energy animating your “normal” life.

You are calmer and stronger to face the challenges because you possess the divine knowledge seized by the third eye. This feeling of “being alive from within” also allows you to transmit this energy to others around you.


A little warning:  Many people said they saw different faces during this meditation. Sooner or later, your third eye will begin to open and reveal the faces of past lives. You will see the faces of your previous lives, the faces of people of other races, maybe even fairies and aliens. You can also see demonic images, but do not be scared because they will not harm you in any way.

By channeling the vibration of love, you can reduce separation and integrate those faces or entities as part of your Self. You will have an enriching spiritual experience that will allow you to realize the immensity of life and the universe.

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