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What is a Soul Contract & How Can You Read Yours

Many of us here on earth seek our purpose as we go through life. For those who believe in the Soul Contract theory, we all have a destiny that predetermines our lives. Before we are born, the universe creates a specific plan for each of us.

By looking inside, you can find out who you are. It takes a lot of soul-searching, understanding what you are looking for, and learning to connect with your soul guides to be able to achieve your individual Soul Contract.



What’s a Soul Contract?

A Soul Contract is an agreement you make with your spirit guides before you reincarnate on Earth.

It is the plan of your life. It describes what you want to do while you are here, what you want to experience, specifically the lessons you are going to learn, that you want to learn, or feel the feelings that you want to feel.

To experience what your soul would react with free will as if this or that was a situation. Many souls return to Earth more than once to experience things differently.

The specific energetic vibration of your Soul Contract is rooted in your birth name, revealing that the order of the letters in your name and the resulting sounds when pronouncing your name have a huge influence on you. Your soul can also achieve enlightenment through fulfilling this contract, which can eventually enhance your DNA.

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Your Soul Contract affects your life purpose.

A Soul Contract will provide you with your karma, your talent, and your goals. A Soul Contract is as some kind of birth chart, but your birth chart breaks down your personality, where your soul chart breaks down your behaviors.



Your Soul Contract decides your karma as well.

We shouldn’t view karma as punishment. Instead, karma is occurring when “Your free will gets in your way and you don’t learn this lesson.”

When your soul does not have the chance to do what it came to do in this lifetime, it will reincarnate once again, the new lesson will be the exact opposite of what the previous soul did.



You can read your Soul Contract.

You can access your soul contract through the Akashic records, a common spirituality term that refers to a non-physical library that “contains all the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that have ever happened to every soul that ever existed.”

Ashley Wood, the host of the Manifest This podcast, told Goop that accessing your Akashic records can help you “find information from the time your soul was created, about your past lives, your present situations, and your future possibilities. It’s always revealed to you what you must learn at that moment, at that time, to accompany you on your journey. ”

If you meditate deeply enough, you can access the records through your Spirit Guide. Although it is not an easy process, anyone can do it. “You don’t have to be a psychic. The degree and amount of information you receive will vary depending on your own personal and unique gifts, but everyone has that access,” Wood explained.

“Some people are very detail-oriented, so maybe they are given more complex information. Some people see through color or can sense messages through music or dance. But everyone has the opportunity to tap into their records and learn it.”

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