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8 Soul Contracts that Nobody Can Avoid: Karmic Experiences

As we move from one life to the next, we set up contracts to help us grow and correct our past mistakes in the world. In doing so, we are able to overcome karmic energies, but that does not mean that all of the experiences we find are as positive as we would like.

Soul contracts are agreements that we made before coming to this world. In our energetic state aligned with the source, we traced the way this life would unfold and through it, we decided how we were going to interact with the people around us.

If you have reached an agreement with another soul before your birth to be faithful to them, once you have found your place in this world and come into contact with it, that is what will happen.

Soul contracts have serious meaning and are made for special purposes. Without these contracts, we would not be able to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn from life to life. If you do not honor these soul contracts and listen to your higher self, you can never free yourself from karmic experiences.

Below we will review some of the most common different soul contracts that we can and tend to enter into with others. Although you may be stuck in some of these, others will not affect you in this life. Pay close attention to your own situations and see where things like this line-up.

8 soul contracts that cannot be avoided:


8 Soul Contracts that Nobody Can Avoid Karmic Experiences (2)

First Soul Contract of Cold-Heartedness:

This type of soul contract requires you to be colder than you normally would be to someone in particular or perhaps to several people. The colder you are, the more you grow in regards. You learn how you affect others and how the coldness in you can wreak havoc.

Without learning this lesson, you would not realize how powerful your actions and words are in such a negative way. Usually, when we are forced to make this kind of contract, it is because in a previous life, we hurt someone to an extreme level without coming to terms with it.




Second Soul Contract of Change and Opportunity:

This type of soul contract is one that gives you the attitude and motivation to embrace change and rush you to opportunities as they arise. They come from messing up in a past life and refusing to take initiatives.

You may have messed up by holding yourself or someone else back, which was not the right decision. Now you learn to take life as it presents itself, which is a great type of contract you end up in.

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Third Soul Contract of Solitude:

This type of soul contract is one that occurs when we hurt others romantically. Perhaps you have led someone on in the past or broken many more hearts than you think. In this world, because of this contract, you would always find yourself broken and injured when it comes to dating.

You will not really be able to find someone who stays because you have never taken into consideration what you have done before. Even if it hurts, it prepares you to treat others well and to know what you need in love as a whole.




Fourth Soul Contract of Rebellion:

This soul contract teaches you to be yourself. It is about breaking free and sticking out, which, if you are brought to it, means that you have missed.

Maybe in a life before this, you were as stiff as a board and unable to really have fun. You can’t live a decent life if you don’t have fun at least.




Fifth Soul Contract of Commitment:

This soul contract is one that shows your dedication. Maybe you’ve hurt someone in the past or ended up struggling in love. This contract keeps you still and forces you to commit yourself otherwise than you would.

By learning to love someone properly in all of this, you improve yourself and create a life that you ultimately enjoy. Sometimes being attached is the way to go.




Sixth Soul Contract of Loyalty:

This type of soul contract is not easy to manage but comes with a lot of luggage. You will feel attracted to someone and be loyal to them that you cannot explain. It will make up for something from another life, but it will also keep you going in some ways.

If you want to break this type of contract, you have to work hard to sort things out in a delicate manner.




Seventh Soul Contract of Stress:

This type of soul contract is difficult to face. When you find yourself under this type of contract, it’s hard to settle in and you worry a lot. You are really starting to see how your actions are going and how the people around you are feeding into your life.

Through this, you will learn how to cut ties and what kind of world you really want to end up calling home.

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Eigths Soul Contract of Tough Love:

This type of soul contract is difficult to manage. It comes in many forms and can be quite overwhelming. It will be painful and you will end up with everything you could want, only to have everything pulled out from under you.

As this happens, you will fall apart, but you will also get back on your feet again.


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