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6 Steps to Healing Your Soul Wounds

We are stuck in a world oscillating between crisis and conflict. In such a situation, the main agenda of everyone’s to-do list should be self-healing.

We must recognize the deep-rooted emotional upheavals that are at the heart of our being. Healing begins with recognizing the triggers and the source of restlessness.

Once we recognize them, it’s very easy to manage them by documenting them, learning from them, releasing them, and possibly passing. Our lives have been driven by goals for as long as we can remember. So much so that we sacrificed our lives, our peace, our happiness, and our health on the altar of success.

In a world where overwork is the norm, spending time and effort to pause and heal can seem so wrong. How to make the impossible possible?



1. Use self-love to heal yourself:

The idea of saving yourself may seem selfish. However, self-love is an important lesson in kindness, comfort, and love. It is only possible to heal the world after hearing the unheard-of stories of our souls and comforting our bubbling hearts.

By healing ourselves, we also free ourselves from the aches and pains of our previous lives. Our radiantly healed soul will not only brighten our lives but will also brighten up the world.




2. Do soul-soothing activities:

Each individual is unique. So different solutions work for different people. Do not look for a singular answer. Concentrate on finding activities suited to your needs.

While meditation has helped a number of people, others have been saved by art, yet others have chosen nature as a way out. The objective is to find peace in the action we are carrying out. The idea is to find a place of comfort where you can get rid of your masks and feel good about yourself.




3. Allow the pain to flow:

Deep-seated emotional turmoil and pain can corrode our being. Although often invisible, they surface in the form of phobias, anger, and grief. We rarely spend time evaluating them.

We have to face our fears and pains in order to release them. Instead of holding them back, let them flow freely and out of the body.

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4. Document your pain:

Writing can be therapeutic. Doctors always write down the symptoms followed by the diagnosis. We should too. It is the phase where healing incubates before it can manifest and develop.

We can document it by painting, writing, or even singing. As our feelings become evident, they gain some legitimacy. It also allows us to better understand our pain.




5. Let yourself heal:

As we gain insight into the source of our pain, it becomes easier to find the perfect way to heal. Some people need the peace and quiet of loneliness. Some people need the warmth and comfort of their families and friends.

However, most of us often go on our way of self-healing without a clear understanding of the diagnosis. While thoughtful contributions from family or even therapists can be helpful, we know what is best for us.

The best solution is to assess our pain and choose our path accordingly.




6. Heal the world:

Healing the world is only a natural by-product of our self-healing. Healing will become apparent through our brighter and better attitudes.

While we heal, we stop judging others harshly, we even choose to support and help others with pleasure. We realize that a peaceful, harmonious, and united world is so much more important than any other selfish program.

So start to heal yourself and in doing so help those around you. A happy self leads to a happier world. Despite all the chaos now, better days await us. Don’t let the darkness bring you down!

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