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5 Reasons Why Solitude is Good for Your Soul

In times of extreme connectedness, it can be difficult to relax in solitude. Sometimes people can guide you on your spiritual journey.

But sometimes you have to be in solitude to understand your world. Taking a step back in your life is not only a good thing, but it is also the only thing that can make a difference.

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”
~ Albert Einstein

Discover why being in solitude is good for your soul:



1. You find peace:

When you are alone, you have time to enjoy the little things in life. Too often, we are too busy to take advantage of what awaits us.

Solitude changes our perspective of seeing what is going on outside to what is going on inside. We share more gratitude with the universe in the present than we can find by running around our busy lives.



2. You heal wounds:

Unwinding your emotions allows you to heal them. When we have negative experiences, the simplest route is to be busy or to drown in substitutes like alcohol and drugs to forget everything. Hiding our pain is our natural reaction to regression.

However, you will find that the injury has not been forgotten, only buried in the subconscious and lurking in the back of your head until it appears again in your life.

When you are in solitude, you have time to process these thoughts and bring them to the surface. Only then can you begin to relax and heal your wounds.

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3. You avoid people that drain your energy:

5 Reasons Why Solitude is Good for Your Soul 2It is better to be alone than to be with people with whom you are incompatible, without common points, and without higher interest for you. The wrong crowd can drain your energy and make you feel sluggish at the end of the day. We are made with different energy models and personalities.

Not everyone will suit you. When we avoid the wrong people, we make the choice to bring the best people to us in our lives. By withdrawing from those who steal your energy, you are saving not only your energy but also your mental health. Only time allows you to find your voice among the crowd of bad people.



4. You know yourself better:

There is no better time to know yourself than to sit with yourself. Far from the strong stimulation of modern society, your mind begins to organize all the thoughts that were hidden in the recesses of your mind from your experiences.

Solitude brings out the reflection in you. When we think, we learn. We feel more comfortable and confident about who we are. We gain clarity and purpose in our life. And of course, the best companion for us is none other than ourselves. Being alone helps you to be yourself.

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5. You connect with your higher self:

The calm that solitude gives you helps to hear the voices of your Higher Self. Because of the talkative thoughts of the mind, the master inside cannot reach you. It is only when you are alone and away from the high stimulation that you can enter.

Once there is an emptiness in your mind and undisturbed in your environment, you will connect to your Higher Self and gain wisdom through intuition and inspiration.



Solitude does not mean being lonely:

Loneliness is a feeling. You can be in a crowd and still feel lonely. You may be alone, but you are not lonely. You are never alone. Although this statement seems contradictory, it is not. You share your life with all the life around you, trees, rocks, crystals, water, air, animals, people, etc.

Everything you can perceive through the 5 physical senses is alive even if they work in different ways. Who knows, you can find your awakening at the time of soltiude.



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