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7 Common Aura Problems and How To Fix Them

We all have unique auric fields that interact with the auras of others we meet. Auras are a colorful kaleidoscopic of the electromagnetic field of energy that vibrates in rhythm around our body. Our aura is also linked to our health, our emotions, and other external factors.

It is a multi-colored technicolor coat that we wear at all times and that is in harmony with our spiritual body, our mental body, our casual body, our higher mental body, our astral body, and our etheric body. Combined together, they look like a psychedelic mix of colors and light around your skin. Your aura is an extension of your physical being.

Elevate your aura, elevate your life.
~ Asad Meah

But often there can be problems with our energy fields that affect our aura and our physical, mental, and emotional health. Therefore, it becomes crucial to know the basic aura problems and how to fix them.



What is Aura?

“Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.”
~ Ozuna

Aura is the energy matrix that surrounds all living (not just living creatures). Especially for humans, the aura is something that many occultists and scientists have tried to study.

From photos of Kirlian to scrying with crystals, all those who take the aura as a fact have tried to analyze the aura, or even to detect possible aura problems. You see, aura is not just an energy field. But also, an information matrix, which can potentially be used to diagnose or even predict information.

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.”
~ Lucian Freud

7 common aura problems and how to fix them:


Aura problems


1. Inadequate connection with the divine:

It is a very common problem, especially these days. As many people turn away from spirituality and religion, they forget very important information about themselves. They are part of something bigger, something unique and magical. According to all ancient sources, we have the divine spark inside. So we are always in touch with the Great Spirit/God/Goddess.


Our energy is mainly replenished by the divine source. In addition, we draw energy from food/water and the environment, while the earth supports and roots us. When we neglect our divine source, we are actually blocking the door of divine energy supply. This makes our aura weaken. We feel disoriented, sad, and uninspired.


What we have to do is re-establish the connection with the divine, either by praying or by casting spells. Call on your guardian angel. Benzoin was supposed to invite the angels and welcome them to stay! You can still burn benzoin while appealing to your guardian angel.

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2. Parasitic cords:

Over time, we socialize and engage in different types of relationships. It really helps humans, learning important lessons throughout life’s experiences. The same lessons probably appear again and again until the message is clear and received. However, not all relationships are useful.


There are times when we hang around or even get closer to people who have lost their way. Temporarily or not, these people lack energy. This negative energy balance creates a “thirst” or a “desire” for energy. To appease this, you have to “connect” with the victim. However, it is always a challenge for them, because we have several defense mechanisms.

Therefore, these people are trying to develop a pathological relationship, with mood swings, in an effort to poison our hearts with guilt and pain. This creates a “sick bond” or parasitic cord, from which these people feast on our vital energy. What modern people call “toxic relationships”, witches have called parasitic cords for centuries.


Cord-cutting rituals are the best way to free yourself (spiritually and mentally) from these parasitic cords. Of course, when necessary, psychological assistance should also be received. The toxic effect can be profound. You may need additional help. It was believed that pure incense could help you strike the dark energies that suck in your spiritual energy. In addition, peppermint is known to heal auric wounds after cutting these bonds.




3. Cracks in Aura’s shield:

Aura has a thick energy shield. It is a very effective defense mechanism that we use against lower vibrations, curses, and the dark arts. However, sometimes this shield can crack.


These cracks are usually created after a psychic attack. However, this attack can be psychic in nature, but it can occur in the material plane, in the form of a quarrel drenched in psychological weapons. Pain and grief create weakness and these psychic attacks can actually penetrate our shield and eventually break it. This creates a scar that opens the door to future attacks.


Strengthen your aura with love and light. One healing word you can use is “Ra (m)”. It is the sound of Fire (and light) that can be controlled to nourish and protect your aura again. Sandalwood has been used by witches since ancient times to help heal cracks in their aura. In addition, we would offer a Palo Santo.




4. Watchers:

We never tried to hide it. Magic is not always good. In witchcraft and the arcane arts, there are things we love and things we despise. Thus, some practitioners prefer to spy on their victims, before casting black spells. Therefore, they like to create “the Watchers”. Some of us may have them in our aura.


Watchers are intelligent remnants of spiritual attack, forced to feed on the aura of the target while accounting for everything the target does or thinks. Therefore, it is one of the darkest forms of witchcraft. Have you ever felt that someone was still looking at you? Know what you are doing? Spying on you? The creation of a watcher is very popular among the dark arts.


As it is not, in fact, an entity but a part of another entity, it must be exorcised out of its aura. To do this, witches burned dragon blood, one of the most powerful magical materials ever found, according to the old books of Shadows. Usually, witches burn dragon blood alone or mixed with bay leaves, clove buds, and a pinch of red cayenne pepper (don’t overdo it with cayenne pepper).

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5. Chakra blocks:

In our body, there are several mechanisms that help divine energy to pass through us. The best-known mechanisms are the Chakras, wheels which help the flow of energy. There are seven major chakras, but many secondary chakras exist everywhere in our body.


For many reasons, these chakras can be blocked or severely poisoned by our feelings, trauma, and other reasons. Unfortunately, this can cause many problems.


During their training, witches learned that they should periodically cleanse the chakras and help the energy flow! It’s not always easy. However, they believe that there are recipes that can help them solve this problem. Myrrh and Palo Santo (sacred wood) were among the most popular ingredients for unlocking chakras.

“When you smile and project an aura of warmth, kindness, and friendliness, you will attract warmth, kindness, and friendliness. Happy people will be drawn to you.”
~ Joel Osteen




6. Energy debris:

Our aura is a unique and intelligent energy matrix. Important information comes and goes. In addition, this intelligent matrix is not static, because it reacts with everything around it. Sometimes bad things happen and the aura responds with defensive energy.


Aura can help us deflect a psychic attack. Sometimes information is stored in a previous attack, in order to understand what happened and how to deal with it in the future. This is called “energy debris”. It is not “bad energy”, it is just the memory stored in astral energy inside our aura. However, this energy could make us feel stagnant and “heavy”. This lack of fresh spiritual energy can actually be caused by this debris. We must abolish it periodically.


To do this, we must first meditate and understand the nature of this debris. What caused it? Later, the witches burned dried almonds to repel all the stagnant and malicious energy trapped in their aura.




7. Inadequate grounding:

It’s no secret that when we interact with this plane, we engage in overwhelming activities. This is why we are often inundated with excessive energy. Although this excessive energy is part of a defense mechanism, we must always balance this energy.


As this energy can cause several imbalances in our chakras and our aura, we must abolish it regularly. This is why grounding is necessary. Grounding is a technique used by all witches, especially after a ritual or overwhelming experience.


To do this, a witch can use herbs and resins to create and multiply the effects. Patchouli was widely used in this case. In addition, the witches used patchouli for smudging to summon healing spirits and help them to hide. It was considered to assist in meditation and was used in all procedures that required mental and spiritual clarity.

“Words were never invented to fully explain the peaceful aura that surrounds us when we are in communion with minds of the same thoughts.”
~ Eddie Myers

Your aura is an impenetrable, compact pulsed energy field and a rainbow of beautiful colors. It is your own internal and external energy that you must protect and maintain at all times. By taking the right steps, you can effectively solve all of your aura problems to enjoy a healthy mind, body, and spirit. By improving your auric senses, you can experience better emotions and increased energy every day.



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