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How to Clean Your Aura in 8 Effective Ways

The cleaning of the Aura is very necessary. Let ‘s see why.

Sometimes it seems that everything is starting to fall apart: you feel apathy, depression and your immune system weakens so much that you can get one disease after another. The reason is not difficult to establish: a collapse in the Aura.

If you have suddenly fallen into what appears to be a series of negative situations, this is due to the holes that form in the aura, and that are caused by any involuntary negative situation (evil eye), for having been subjected to surgery, or severe stress, among other causes.

In order to be and feel fully healthy, our aura must be clean of negative energies.

It is very important to know how to adjust your aura. After reading this article, you will see that it is not necessary to ask psychics or shamans to do it for you. We will show you how you can do it yourself without help!



What is Aura?


The Aura is the last element of your energy body. It is an egg-shaped energy field that completely surrounds the human body and continues even under the feet. It is sometimes described as a “rainbow of light” because it contains all the colors of the rainbow.

The Aura is often depicted in paintings of a religious nature. This means that its existence has been known for a long time.

The Aura is connected to the energy network that exists while your body exists. In other words, the aura can occur at the time of conception and is not detected after death.




Why do we need to take care of our Aura?

All the negative things that happen in our lives accumulate in the form of very heavy negative energy. The latter meets in a biofield and has a great influence on the events that take place in our lives. Therefore, it is very important to clean the aura, since by doing this we eliminate excess negative energy and harmonize our condition.

Signs that you need Aura cleaning:

  • Fatigue;
  • Apathy;
  • Depression;
  • Irritability;
  • Anger;
  • Feeling that you have no energy;
  • Weak immune system and ease in catching diseases.

Signs of having a clean Aura:

  • Calm;
  • Balanced state;
  • You feel inspired and motivated;
  • No problems;
  • Good dream;
  • You always get up fully rested in the morning;
  • You feel full of energy all-day;
  • Good health and well-being.




How often should we clean the Aura?

You should not be a cleaning fan. It can become a painful mania. If all you think is about cleaning the aura all day, you become paranoid with the negative energy.

You should clean the aura every time you feel something is wrong. For example, every time you feel grumpy, sick, upset, irritated, tired without a particular reason, you fight with other people, you lose money, etc. That’s when it’s time to remember to clean your aura.

Now is the time for practice! Let us share with you the easiest ways to clean your aura without the help of seers or shamans. It’s not that hard to do and you can do it yourself!

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1. Ringing bells:

The sound bells have a very strong healing effect. This method has been known since ancient times.

The fact that the bell produces high-frequency vibrations, which “scares” low-frequency problems: viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, improves blood circulation and simply creates a good mood, increases energy.

You can use a small metal bell to clean your aura. Just sound as loud as possible with the intention of getting rid of any negativity and cleaning your aura. You can also ring the bell in your room (or in any other room) and it will clean your energy.




2. Sea salt:

Salt has been used since ancient times to purify curses and black magic. There are many ways to treat aura holes with sea ​​salt. It all depends on where the collapse formed. For example, if you have a very bad headache, you most likely have an aura hole in the head area.

In this case, apply a towel soaked in a saline solution on the forehead and hold it for 10-15 minutes. In the case of general malaise, you should take ritual baths of sea salt once a day.

It will strengthen your immune system and help adjust the holes in the aura.




3. Emotions:

Remember that holes in the aura can also occur from your own negativity, which accumulates within you. You have to get rid of any negative thoughts and emotions you may have. Try to accept yourself and others as they are.

Many seers claim that any profane word pronounced by a person causes a microcrack in their aura. Don’t speak badly, try not to express anger. 

Redirect the energy you spend on hatred of the environment, on love for your family. And then, without a doubt, everything will be fine.




4. Cold showers:

Many healers recommend taking cold showers. It helps with cleaning the aura and gives vivacity and health. While taking cold showers, you must mentally remove all the energy remains of your aura.

Let the water wash every millimeter of your body: from the top of the head to the feet.

Watch the water flow to the drain and splash at your feet. In this case, take a deep breath and visualize how all the negative energy leaves you, carried by the water.

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5. Incense:

For the fumigation you need to make an incense in the space around you, using the smoke of several herbaceous plants (lavender, sage, bison and others), holy stick or any incense. If you wish, you can inhale a small amount of smoke (this method is not suitable for people suffering from asthma).

You can also meditate with incenses by placing one of them in front of you, another behind you and two more, on the left and on the right. Meditate on cleaning the aura and let the incense burn around you. Once they burn, you can finish your meditation.




6. Visualization:

Imagine there is a fireball hanging over your head. This ball is a powerful concentration of pure and light energy. Visualize how the ball enters your body. You need the most accurate and detailed visualization at this point.

Slowly draw the ball from the top of the head to the feet several times. Feel the fireball burn all the problems accumulated in your aura.

Make this visualization whenever you feel it’s needed.




7. Combing with your hands:

You should wash your hands and dry them. Then place your fingers like a comb and start combing the air around your body in the top-down direction. Do not forget to use your intention: to clean your aura. While you “comb” you can read mantras, sentences or affirmations.

Do it as many times as you need. Then wash your hands under the flow of water to eliminate the energy attributed to them.

All these ways of cleaning the aura will be effective, as long as your intention is clear and constant.




8. Mantra:


This mantra cleanses and harmonizes your aura, protects from the evil eye and damage, and even cleans the environment around you. Light a candle and read this mantra 108 times.




How to protect the Aura from absorbing negative energy?

There are some simple rules that need to be strictly followed:

  • Never leave dishes unwashed after guest visits. Immediately after your departure, wash the dishes thoroughly with running water, clean the floor and horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any accidental negative energy that remains.
  • New items or clothing purchased or donated should not be used without prior cleaning or fumigation. If you don’t, you risk losing energy and creating unnecessary karmic problems.
  • When you get home, make sure you clean your shoes, shower, and dress in the house clothes.
  • Try to always be physically fit and avoid stressful situations.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.
  • Enjoy life!

You must remember that keeping your aura pure is as important as keeping your physical body clean. Try to always be aware of what kind of energy and people you surround yourself with.

Don’t forget to clean your aura every time you don’t feel well. If you know the condition of your energy, you can always avoid a negative effect caused by problems with your aura.

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