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How to Recognize if Your Sacral Chakra Is Unbalanced and Heal It

The way we perceive all that surrounds us and our way of interacting and reacting with the reality of the 3D world is regulated largely by our sacral chakra.

This is the second chakra, it is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water, and its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. The role of the sacral chakra is to direct the principle of pleasure.

The sacral chakra is about three inches below the navel, in the center of your lower abdomen. In the back, it is at the level of the lumbar vertebrae.



When balanced, we spend a day without anxiety and without thinking about our worries.

But if the chakra is unbalanced, our behavior is also disrupted, bordering the obsession. The imbalance of this chakra prevents us from containing ourselves and expressing our emotions correctly. Even intimate relationships, which are healthy when the chakra is balanced, become an obsession and an addiction.

There are also other manifestations of this imbalance, such as pain in different parts of the body, pains during certain periods, and so on. If this is not treated, there may be serious conditions such as ovarian cysts and infertility among others.

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Healing method:

When you discover that your chakra is out of balance, you must take steps to rebalance it. Healing your chakras allows you to regain control of your health and well-being by learning to work with energy.

  • The orange color would be helpful to help find the balance of your chakra. Concentrate on this color while thinking of healing your chakra.
  • Certain crystals such as red jasper, topaz, amber, hematite, and orange carnelian can help you in your recovery.
  • The food you eat has a big influence on your chakras. If you eat fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries and add more cinnamon, almonds, and coconut to your diet, it will bring you many benefits. Never forget the importance of water for a healthy diet.
  • Test aromatherapy and use different essential oils to help restore the balance of your sacred chakra.
  • Go out into the wild, especially near a waterhole, this will be very beneficial to help you find the harmony and balance of your sacred chakra.
  • Avoid making a decision when you know that your sacred chakra is out of balance and try to change that state as soon as possible.

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