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7 Important Truths You Should Know if You’re in Love With an Empath

The world’s handsome lovers and healers – Empaths are capable of love and understanding what goes beyond what most of us can’t even imagine. While a relationship with one of these beautiful people is certainly a beautiful romance, there are a few important truths that you need to learn first!

Empaths are unique individuals, capable of connecting with people on a deeper and very meaningful level. They not only recognize the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those they meet in life, but they really feel like them. As Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, explains, “They have gifts of intuition, depth, really caring for others, and deep compassion. They often give too much. They sometimes assume the pain of their loved ones in their bodies, so they really feel it. ”

While this type of compassionate and loving individual is capable of an incredibly deep and powerful connection, there are also some “quirks” in their lives. They see and react to the world around them in a different way, which can be really difficult to understand.

Here are 7 important truths you should know if you’re in love with an empath:



1. They can smell a liar from a kilometer away, so don’t try to deceive them.

Since an empath can sense your true feelings and intentions, you will never deceive them by lying. In fact, they know you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes before you even open your mouth to speak.

This is incredibly important, because they attach great importance to honesty, expecting nothing but the truth from those they authorize in their lives. If they think you are going to be dishonest, then they will cut you off from their lives before you can even consider explaining yourself.




2. When they feel overwhelmed, they need their time alone to recharge their batteries.

The connection that causes an empath to feel and feel the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of everyone around it is not something they can easily turn off. While it is a great gift, allowing them to bring peace and healing to others, it is also incredibly exhausting. If they want to avoid physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, they must find a way to rest and rejuvenate themselves in life.

The only way an empath can truly accomplish this is to spend time alone, away from the world for a short time. While this may be difficult to understand, there are times when that time alone also means moving away from you. Don’t take it personally and don’t mistake it for a flaw in your relationship.




3. There is nothing they want more when you are struggling than feeling better.

You do not need to tell your empath partner that you are having trouble right now because they are already more than aware. They can sense when something is wrong in your life, instantly feeling your pain, whether or not you actually talked about it.

They want to bring you healing and happiness again and will go to great lengths, even making personal sacrifices without a second thought.




4. They really mean what they say, as crazy as it sounds.

Empaths see the world from a different perspective than the rest of us. On the one hand, they walk around with pink glasses, eager to bring peace, love, and healing to everyone they meet. On the other hand, they directly experience the pains and struggles of the world around them, opening their hearts and minds to the darkest side of the human condition.

This constant contradiction taking place in their minds can lead to incredibly unique thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Try not to laugh. They really want to say everything they say and introduce these crazy and creative ideas into conversations because they believe they can work. Step out of your comfort zone and think about it for a moment.




5. One of their biggest fears in their relationships is that they will be completely misunderstood.

Throughout their childhood, most empaths found that they had been criticized and judged, by those they have met. They were often accused of being “too sensitive”, intimidated by their peers and pushed by their parents to “grow up”.

As they enter their adult life, they bear the pain of this judgment, lest they face the same situation in their adult relationships. You can reduce this fear by accepting their emotions, showing affection, and asking real questions when trying to understand their response in a given situation.




6. Social situations can be completely overwhelming.

If you are planning with friends and family to attend a big party or event, it can be frustrating to find that your partner is not as excited as you would have hoped. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to remember that they cannot deactivate the connection they have established with others. When they are in a larger social environment, they begin to feel these thoughts, feelings, and emotions from everyone in the room at the same time.

If they seem to hesitate to join you at this next big party, there is an incredible gift you can give them. In most cases, they really want to introduce themselves for a while, hang out with friends and family, but give them an “easy way out.”




7. They have probably been injured and taken advantage of in the past.

Their desire to take care of others at all costs makes empaths the ideal target for toxic figures such as narcissists and sociopaths. They will give and give, receiving nothing in return despite the pain and sorrow it causes them, determined to be able to fix whatever prompted them to act this way.

Rather than seeing a toxic influence on their lives, they see a damaged person who needs their love and attention. Unfortunately, narcissists and sociopaths do not seek to be repaired. They will continue to take advantage of their victim over and over again until the relationship explodes, leaving them heartbroken.

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