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How The Order Of Your Birth Shapes Your Character

Our characters are formed during our childhood years and the order of our birth has a huge role in shaping our thoughts.

Some of us get a lot of attention while others may have to fight for the spotlight. But then the fact remains that it is an important factor that makes us who we are. Now, which one are you?




Firstborns generally follow the example of their parents, because they are the only ones who can admire them. With parents spurting over them, inspire them at each stage, and being supportive, the child gets enthusiasm from the inside to flourish.

Praise matters for the child and the will to succeed and when they continue to receive this praise is normally high.

He’s also the type of person who tends to become a perfectionist. Led from the inside, they are encouraged to do things in the best possible way and they don’t like mistakes. They anticipate a lot from themselves and as they lead from the front, they also assume the same criteria from others. Born in the lead, they were born to lead.



Middle borns:

Middle borns usually take their lead from the eldest child. They respond to the ways of the elder child. Thus, if the elder child is peaceful and self-possessed, it is likely that the middle child is a little stubborn to get the parents’ attention. They often choose different attitudes from firstborns.

Being the elder child’s follower, they also develop an intense feeling of subtlety. Since they know how to act in response to another act, they can be very good mediators. In addition, they do not fall transparently onto any label; their characters could really differ from each other.

The result of all of the above influences is that they also cultivate a very high degree of individuality. They know themselves very well and are very aware of their strengths and their shortcomings. They know how to use them, making them one of the most practical people you can meet.

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Last borns:

The arrival of a third child usually puts parents in a “been there done that” mode. They have taken care of two children and are no longer concerned with how to handle a child or fulfill their responsibilities. As a result, parents do not usually act hard with young people and the child gets more freedom than the first two.

Parents often allow things to slip when it is the youngest child. On the other hand, the child receives both the love of the older brothers and sisters as well as the rivalry that accompanies it. With this, young children often find themselves in an exclusive position where they do not recognize their exact roles. This is not a bad thing because it opens many doors for them.

Since younger children don’t have to take on a lot of responsibility, they have the freedom to be imaginative. They can try new things; they can discover new paths and enter fields like the arts, design, and much more because they really don’t feel like they have anything to attest to anybody. It lets their ingenuity shine and they can really think outside the box.




The only child:

The only child is treated in the same way as the firstborn. The result is that they share similar traits to those shown by the firstborn. They are also enthusiastic and inspired to prosper and love the admiration that comes to them through their parents.

One concern that only they face is that they devote most of their time with adults, in the absence of other siblings. This makes them feel very responsible at a very young age or they can totally castoff the adult-like manners since that is all the child has seen.

They meet almost all of their parents ‘expectations, and since they have no siblings to share the expectations, the only child generally works harder than others to meet the parents’ expectations. They receive love completely and the will to return the favor in return makes them extremely enthusiastic, determined, and passionate.

So, is it a spot on or a miss? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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