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Avoid These 7 Types of People to Protect Your Emotional Health

When it comes to life, we all need connections, we have to have people who take care of us and who want to spend time with us and in many ways it creates problems. Far too often, people who want to use us make us believe that they deserve to be in our inner circle and that can be emotionally devastating.

Many people will try to tell you that cutting them off from your life is a bad decision but the truth is that when you really want to take control of your life, you have to learn to break the bonds. Toxic people come in many forms and can be quite confusing to choose from among the others, but they are undoubtedly present in all of our lives. When it comes to improving your overall emotional state, letting go of the bad and eliminating the problem will always be your best option.

These are people we may find in our lives since we were born or ordinary colleagues with whom we speak from time to time, everyone is different. You are the only person making YOUR decisions and you can choose to remove all negativity to embrace more positivity if you really want to.

Avoiding these 7 types of people will make you safer emotionally:



1. Manipulators:

Manipulators can sometimes be close friends and even family. They use our good fortune to feed themselves and make sure that what we do benefits them. They force us to run in tatters while being unable to understand why we are doing the things we are doing.

At some point, that is enough, and we have to start doing things for our own benefit rather than for everyone.




2. Self-obsessed people:

People who only care about themselves are a waste of time. They don’t care about us or our feelings. When we ask them for advice, they will not listen to what we have to say.

These kinds of people always expect us to be there for them and yet refuse to care about anything but themselves.

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3. Time bombs:

People who are unable to manage their emotions are in many ways time bombs. When someone in your life makes you wonder whether or not you want to visit them because they are always going to answer the door by throwing things at you.

This should not be tolerated and you should always make sure that you are emotionally on the same page with your partners and other people in your life.




4. Jealous people:

Jealous people will only want us to fail in life. They don’t want to see us succeed or offer support. They don’t deserve a place near our inner circle.




5. Liars:

Liars will attack you in more ways than you can imagine. They will say things for hell and the more you try to call them, the worse it gets. Some of them do it for a reason and others do it for no reason.




6. Gossip:

Gossip does its best to make sure it gets everyone dirty. If they tell you about people, they will tell others about you. This is something we must all be aware of.

Nothing good comes from the bad mouths of the people around you, whether you like them or not.

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7. Debbie Downers:

Being surrounded by positive people all the time is not a good idea, but too much negativity is also a bad thing. Debbie Downers are people who never have anything positive to say, they always make matters worse and are not necessarily fun to be around.

They can be easy to tackle in small bursts, but overall, they take everyone with them.


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