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Your 3 Distinct Qualities and 1 Flaw, According to Your Birth Month

The month you were born can have a big impact on a person’s character development. With that, here are your three distinct qualities, and one flaw, depending on the month of your birth.

All you have to do is scroll down to the month you were born and it will reveal some interesting traits about you. Let us know in the comments if you found it to be on the spot or not.




January is obviously the first month of the year and people born in January would have a strong work ethic, they will never hesitate to make their voices heard on their opinions.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: you bring joy to others, wherever you go, just by being yourself. You are always ready to help someone. You make friends quite easily.

Your 1 flaw is: you find yourself messy and disorganized because you put others first too often.





People born in February have natural artistic tendencies. They like new and unique ideas and they also like to work on such ideas which are not so common.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You make others feel comfortable and accepted. Your smile can brighten up a room. Friendship is the most important thing for you – you will never treat someone as “disposable”.

Your 1 flaw is: people consider you “too nice” and they don’t know when you are authentic.





Like people born in February, people born in March are also considered to be very imaginative and creative. But there is one thing that is different about them and that is that they are more introverted and silent.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: people immediately feel like they can trust you. You can instantly know when something is wrong because of your strong instinct. You are very generous.

Your 1 flaw is: finding a way to deal with envious people is difficult for you.





People born in April like to get attention. They appreciate every second of the time they are in the spotlight. They do not like to accept orders from others but prefer to do things by themselves.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: you are very voluntary and you cannot overcome anything. You do not easily fall into temptation. People respect your honesty and morality.

Your 1 flaw is: you give up on others too easily because of past experiences.

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People born in May are those who have a hard time getting an idea of what they want and what they don’t want. They would like one thing yesterday and something totally opposite the other day.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: people are attracted to you like a magnet because of your bubbly personality. In the event of a conflict, you are the mediator. People often turn to you for advice and guidance.

Your 1 flaw is: you focus too much energy on things and external people rather than on you and your life.





People born in June are generally very sensitive to the feelings of others. They are really caring and they can be shy and gentle at the same time.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You are known to be able to silence someone with a single “look”. You are adventurous and ready to try everything once. Others admire your big heart and your caring attitude.

Your 1 flaw is: you don’t say what you want to say and you have trouble using the right words.





People who were born in July have many similar traits to those born in July, except that there are more extroverts and spontaneity.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: When someone is upset or sad, they address you first. You have no problem helping someone with your time, money or energy. You are the center of attention whether you like it or not.

Your 1 flaw is: you tend to distract yourself with nice things instead of facing your problems.





People born in August are natural leaders. They are not afraid to oppose a large group of people and give their own opinion.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: there is nothing you cannot do if you decide to. You like having other people around and are great at parties. Your intelligence is something that others praise.

Your 1 flaw is: others can find themselves overwhelmed when you reveal everything you know about things. Try to keep stuff for yourself.

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People born in September are also very sensitive and have very high expectations of others, therefore there are many times in their lives when they are disappointed.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: you can pick things up or learn things very quickly. You are not afraid to step up and do whatever it takes to do something. Family and friendship are more important than wealth or status.

Your 1 flaw is: you refrain from talking about what bothers you and rather keep this negativity inside.





People born in October are those who are always looking for stability and balance in their lives. They have a positive outlook on life and avoid confrontation at any time in life.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You tend to make a very good first impression. You are considered a role model because of your wisdom and stability. In love, you are gentle and selfless.

Your 1 flaw is: you expect everyone to be as mature as you are and make smart choices.





People born in November are naturally secret. Their secret nature can sometimes annoy others, especially those who are really close to them.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: you listen to others well and you are a big shoulder to cry on. In love, you know how to use someone else’s good personality traits. You make others feel special and appreciated.

Your 1 flaw is: you have a hard time saying no to people until you reach a breaking point.





People born in December are generous and adventurous. They have a very strong negative habit and their pride can sometimes hamper all the good things they do.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You are known to be a really good person who would not intentionally harm others. You are fun to be around and put others at ease. You are easy to love and make people laugh.

Your 1 flaw is: you forget that life must have a drawback to stay balanced, you don’t have to smile all the time.


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