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14 Signs You Fit in the World’s Kindest Personality Type, ISTJ

For those who don’t know, depending on the personality types of Myers-Briggs, there are 16 different types and one of them is much nicer than the others. This too nice personality type is the ISTJ.

While being too nice doesn’t seem like a good thing, it is. Being an ISTJ is a wonderful thing. ISTJ is synonymous with introversion, sensing, thinking, and judging. These are the most important traits of this personality type.

This type of personality is considered to be the most abundant and represents around thirteen percent of the population. People with this personality are very forgiving and always take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Below is a list of traits that you may need to indicate that you are an ISTJ.

14 signs that you may belong to the best personality type:



1. You base everything on facts:

ISTJs are very fact-based. They spend a lot of time researching and making sure everything is aligned. They are constantly learning and growing in general.




2. You don’t do well with change:

ISTJs do not do well with change. They spend all their time trying to avoid it. They are also unable to manage their imperfections.




3. You are much more dedicated than others:

ISTJs are too determined to get things done. They make sure to do everything they intend to do. Their dedication knows no bounds.




4. You don’t make many assumptions:

ISTJs are, as mentioned above, very fact-oriented. They assume nothing of which they do not know the facts. They are more than aware that opinions are opinions and the facts are something completely different.




5. You enjoy spending time alone or with very few people:

ISTJs are much more introverted than people think. They like to spend a lot of time alone and if they spend time with friends, they don’t have much. They keep a small circle of people in their lives.




6. You keep your calm in most situations:

ISTJs are able to remain calm even in the most intense situations. They are not easily upset and are more than able to get through even the most difficult times. When it comes to ruffling their feathers, it’s not as easy as most would think.

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7. You are extremely responsible:

ISTJs always keep their promises. They work hard and get things done. If they ever do something wrong, they quickly realize it.




8. You are honest at all times:

ISTJs are not liars. They do their best to always tell the truth and do not hesitate to correct themselves. Honesty is an important thing for them in themselves and those around them.




9. You are very old school:

The ISTJ are old souls at heart. They do things their way and their own way is quite traditional. It also goes hand in hand with their inability to cope with change.




10. You don’t handle conflicts well:

ISTJs do not like confrontation. They are not good at facing those who do evil or even being confronted when they do evil. They struggle with these things in a different way from others.




11. You don’t deal well with ignorance:

When people refuse to accept the facts or continue to be ignorant of the truth, the ISTJ becomes very irritated. They don’t spend their time empowering people like this and they avoid them at all costs. ISTJs are very simple people.




12. You always want to make your friends and family happy:

ISTJs always strive to please their friends and families. They really do their best to take care of people close to them. If you are in their circle, you are set for life.

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13. You enjoy the little things in life:

ISTJs are very minimalist. They stop to smell the roses and really notice all the little things. They can be happy even in the most crappy situations because of this.




14. People often come to you because they need to be in the presence of someone “real”:

ISTJs are very honest and relate to the facts mentioned above. When people turn to them for advice, they don’t stick to sugar. Their advice, whether taken or not, is generally the best advice to follow.


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