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7 Signs that You are in Spiritual Connection with Someone

We meet a large number of people in our lives, each unique in its own way, but only with some, we perceive a particular spiritual connection, as if we had always known them.

And based on my experience in the field of previous lives, it’s often like that. In fact, we have all lived many lives, in different places, in different guises. A spiritual connection is one of the strongest bonds we can have with someone. But how can we identify a possible spiritual connection and our twin souls? Below we share 7 signs with you.


7 Signs that You are in Spiritual Connection with Someone

1. Your instincts reveal it to you.

You simply know that there is a spiritual connection. And there is no room for any doubt.

When you are spiritually connected to someone, your instincts respond to the maximum and there is no logical reason behind this feeling.



2. You feel extremely confident and strong both emotionally and physically.

When you perceive a spiritual connection with someone, your presence calms you.

All your anxiety, nervousness, fears disappear in his presence. All this also applies to the contrary.



3. You are free to be who you are.

With them, you are yourself when you can not do the same with other people. You feel free to express yourself freely, there is no restlessness in you and nothing holds you back.

There is an immense sense of liberation inside and outside of you.



4. It is as if You had known them for centuries.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when you feel you are spiritually connected to someone, there is a sense that you have always known these people. I’m sure it has happened to you many times…

It can even happen, at least in the most sensitive people, to experience spontaneous regressions and to remember these people vividly in other places, in other lives. There is a kind of familiarity in them that attracts you, that you feel deep inside of you.

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5. You trust them blindly.

If you can not trust them, then you can not trust anyone else. Your trust in them is unconditional, even if you were a person who hardly lets himself go.



6. Communicate with them in silence.

Silence is one of the ways you communicate when you are spiritually connected to a person.

You do not need to express your joy, anxiety or fear. Simply you and they already know it. They understand your moods and reciprocate them.



7. You have deep conversations with them.

Conversations with these people are never superficial because you can explore your inner self (and theirs) when you’re in the company.

The conversations are profound, each of which ends with increasing the knowledge of yourself and the surrounding world.

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