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10 Uncomfortable Symptoms that You Will Experience When You Start to Activate Your Merkaba

Merkaba also sometimes spelled Merkabah is said to be the divine light vehicle used by the ascended masters who connect them with those of the higher realms. It is something that we have to activate through a process of evolution of consciousness in order to reach higher dimensional worlds.

Your Merkaba is always connected to the source. In order to activate your Merkaba, you must program it through meditation. With breathing, exercise, and habit, your Merkaba will start to spin when you are ready. However, before trying to activate your Merkaba, you should be aware of the following uncomfortable symptoms.

Discover 10 uncomfortable symptoms that you will experience when you start activating your Merkaba:



1. You feel separated from the rest of the world.

You are disconnected from reality as you know it. Nothing makes sense and everyone feels so far away. It will pass, but it is unbearable, to say the least.




2. You are having trouble getting the sleep you need.

You cannot sleep properly. Either you get too much or too little. Insomnia often follows upon activation of the Merkaba.




3. You feel more connected to your inner being.

You feel a deep connection with your inner self, but your outer self is deteriorating. You learn so many new things. It can be overwhelming.




4. You feel your body has no weight.

You feel like you are going through life as someone else. Your body is no longer heavy or doesn’t weigh down. You are as light as air.

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5. You experience rapidly changing emotions.

Your emotions change without something triggering them. One minute, you’re fine and the next, you’re angry. This is something that you will have to work on to control.




6. Your thoughts become more intrusive.

Everything that goes on inside your head becomes extremely intense. Your thoughts are more focused on pushing you, and for some, it is difficult to manage. Don’t let it get you down.




7. You have intense dreams when you sleep.

When you sleep, you have vivid dreams. These dreams are messages sent to you from the Source. You have to understand what each one means.




8. You become more sensitive to the things around you.

It all started to affect you seriously. The emotions of others and the negative things in this world can be too much. Depending on the person, it could make or break you.




9. You feel that nothing can alleviate.

You aspire to be more connected with the Source and you work in this direction. However, nothing you do will seem to burn the flame of this aspiration. You have so much to learn.

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10. You no longer know who you really are.

You don’t know who you are outside. Although you have connected with your inner self of some lever, your exterior does not yet fully reflect it. This makes a person feel completely lost.

Once you have accepted the things listed above, then and only then, you can start trying to activate your Merkaba. Activation of the Merkaba opens all the doors to astral projection and this is something we need to make sure we are ready for.



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