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7 Things You Need To Do Before You Can Reach A Higher Level Of Being

The first level of being is becoming conscious. It is to be introduced into the world, to enter society, to depend on others, to realize oneself, one can call it awakening. The first level is where most people get stuck, not waking up completely to who they are. They live without self-awareness, unable to consciously happen to the world.

They live the way others live, they follow artificial rules and believe in prejudice without even questioning it, they just try to fit into the system. They do not question the purpose of the system, why it exists, or whether there is any real direction for the system. They just follow others. And others follow others.

In order to reach a higher level of being, to help humanity come out of its lack of spirit and progress, you must first become consciously aware.

Here’s how to take it to the next level. 7 things you need to do in order to reach a higher level of being:



1. Become an individual:

Becoming an individual is much more important than becoming an adult. Most adults are not individuals. They still depend on their family, their jobs, their government, and these things suck their energy.

Their families are critical and make most of their decisions, they devote their energy to a job they hate, the government takes part of this income while dictating the rules they need to play by. But it’s not about avoiding these things.

The point is not to depend on them. The goal is to make your own decisions, to choose your own job that completes you and not the one that promises the most income, to know what is morally right, and to choose your own government based on that. Be an individual.




2. Connect with your core self:

Knowing yourself is one of the most important things a person can do in their life. When you know yourself, you are connected to your most real self, and this connection provides you with an unlimited supply of personal power.

When you know your tastes, the philosophies, and the truths that you see in life, the style and the character that resonate the most with who you are, then your expression in the world is the most powerful than any other version of you that you can to be.

This is because your expression is aligned with your true self, with the essence of your self, and the power with which it is expressed comes from this divine place. This is why when some people enter a room everyone can feel their presence.

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3. Take care of your health:

One of the most important steps you can take to reach a higher level is to take proactive care of your health and maximize your energy. These two come together because to have more energy, you must be in good health to support it.

Taking care of your health usually starts with incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle. However, exercise, healthy eating, and quality sleep are just the beginning. Health is physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

You have to start taking care of your mental health, meditating daily, nourishing your mind with positive information. You have to install positive beliefs, build a better character. You have to heal the emotional wounds, to eliminate the toxicity from your life.




4. Align with your purpose:

You Need to Know These 7 Things Before You Can Reach a Higher Level of BeingThere is nothing more attractive than an individual who is aligned and lives his goal. When you look at these people, they seem to have an inexplicable zest, energy, and liveliness. They move deliberately as they dance.

Your purpose gives you something greater than happiness, it gives you fulfillment, meaning, joy, alertness, and direction. And yes, happiness too, because happiness is a sign that you are doing something right for your purpose, even if you are not aware of it.

To align with your goal, you need to follow your passions, these are previews of your goal. Try different things, take a leap of faith, trust your intuition. Each action you take by inspiration will bring you closer to knowing your goal.




5. Have flawless authenticity:

This means that you are not trading your authenticity for nothing. You fully and fully accept yourself, you know who you are and what you stand for, you speak your truth, you stand by your actions and nothing can corrupt your integrity.

Most people live with false personalities. They are much more different people in reality. They think they are hiding who they are, but you cannot hide who you are from life, you can just be more fake and less you. This will prevent you from sharing your uniqueness with the world.

You will spend all your life living in the prison of your fakery, you will not be able to improve your rough edges because you hide them. Flawless authenticity shows your real and imperfect self to the world while improving as you go.




6. Master your own reality:

Humans have many superpowers, they don’t know most of them. Creating their own reality is one of them. We control our own reality. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating your reality. You have to take proactive control and master this superpower.

You have to realize that you are living in your own reality. We all do. And this reality is controlled by you. You decide the meaning of things, the beliefs by which you will live, the type of people you will attract, the rules that will apply to your reality.

We all live with illusions. But most of us do not realize that we are the ones who create these illusions. Our reality is built by illusions and we are the magicians. You cannot live without illusions, but you have the power to create illusions that benefit you.

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7. Transcend old paradigms:

The world you live in is inherited from our ancestors. Our ancestors had their own cultures and their own ways of life. They had their own technology and their own companies. But all these lifestyles, all these paradigms, are outdated and delay the progress of humanity.

In order to reach a higher level, you must transcend these outdated paradigms that most of us have inherited through our family. There are so many unnecessary customs, time, and energy-wasting behaviors that need to be updated. Humanity needs an upgrade.

And this upgrade begins with each individual. Each of us needs to transcend paradigms and beliefs that are out of date with ourselves and move to a newer version. Certain things must be abandoned for progress to occur. Transcend your old paradigms.



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