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5 Tips to Strengthen, Develop and Listen to Your Intuition

We all have in each of us an internal guidance system better known as “intuition,” which we can hear and feel. We have many voices in our minds like the voice of our parents, our teachers, an inner critic, and a small, intuitive and silent voice.

We must learn to listen to our intuition. Everyone is able to develop and use it, to have a better quality of life.

A developed intuition would be able to decrease depression and increase energy. The recovery and development of intuition come naturally to some.

Nevertheless, many people have to work on it like a muscle. Here are some tips to help you develop, strengthen and listen to your intuition:



1. Do soothing activities.

Stress reduction is an important step to develop your intuition. Stress can create a lot of acidity in body fluids.

Calming the mind with meditation, nature walks, and other soothing activities is beneficial for everyone.



2. Eat calming foods (reduce fats, sugars, and caffeine).

5 Tips to Strengthen, Develop and Listen to Your Intuition

For the majority of people with a very developed intuition, the diet does not seem to matter. But for many others, coffee, energy drinks, and other high-caffeinated beverages keep the mind busy. (Moreover, it is recommended to drink only 3 coffees a day to get all the benefits without the inconveniences)

Fats should also be reduced. They are very similar to rubber and if you eat a lot, you become like a wire wrapped in rubber. You isolate yourself from the vibratory aspect.

Scientifically, the more you eat and increase your blood sugar, the less intuitive you will be. You will have more trouble developing your intuition because you will increase your blood sugar. Your liver works hard to deliver sugar, your pancreas secretes insulin and your whole body works hard.

The solution is to eat less food that causes extreme reactions in the body. Eat grains, vegetables, beans and fruits in moderate amounts.

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3. Wake up and get up early.

A healthy sleep cycle improves all bodily functions. The later you wake up, the more it stresses your body. The sooner you get up, the more fit and peaceful you will be. Getting up early calms the body and mind.



4. Identify your intuitive voice.

5 Tips to Strengthen, Develop and Listen to Your Intuition

We all have an intuitive voice that guides us in the right direction.

The real challenge is to identify it. When you feel that you have followed your intuitive voice, come back to what has happened and remember what it looks like. Also, take note of your feelings.

Every detail can bring you back to this point so that you can reinforce and develop listening to your intuition. You will have to do this many times before you can begin to clearly identify your intuitive voice. Even if you know this voice, it is not always easy to identify it.

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5. Ask questions to your intuitive voice.

Once you have identified your intuitive voice, you can start asking questions to get intuitive answers. Asking questions about intuition is possible when you learn to identify your voice. Start with yes or no answers, then feel and listen to the answer. Also, be aware of your other voices.

The limit between your intuition, your fear, and your analysis is very thin. You may think that it is an intuitive voice, but in reality, it can simply be a deductive logic and an analytical choice.

Our analytical mind is used to making choices and can intervene based on assumptions and rational thinking. The analytical choices we make are not intuition.

Learn to stay calm and identify your intuition.

It tries to talk to you every day. Leading your life with intuition may be different from the way you act now. The structure of your intuition must be based on solid foundations.

Surround yourself with as many positive people as possible who will support your transition. Every smile, every laugh, and every hug will make your quest for innate knowledge more enjoyable.

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