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7 Things You Will Realize When You Finally Awaken

Is reality real? Have you ever stopped to question the world under your feet? As a science, technology and well, everything else progresses, the questions are all we really have. There are tons of secrets hidden in our own reality waiting to be discovered. If you keep questioning everything, you will be left with nothing.

You’ve probably heard at least one theory about consciousness or reality, right? Have you ever really examined this theory or theories about it? Do we live in a simulation? Could life be someone else’s dream? Is our perception much more limited than we thought in the past?

The deeper you go into the rabbit hole, the more you find. When you start to awaken, you will find that the way we think is not necessarily the way we should think and you really start to understand a lot about yourself, this world, this life, and humanity. Below we will go over some of these things and hopefully help you understand them better.

7 things you’ll find out when you finally awaken:



1. You learn new things about yourself:

The more you think, the more you find, and in doing so, you will learn things about yourself that you would never have known.

By learning more about reality, you also learn about your own existence. It is a difficult concept to tackle but nevertheless important.




2. You understand that everything we see is an illusion:

7 Things You Will Realize When You Finally Awaken

Our eyes play tricks on us more often than you think. Our brain does not use what it can to perceive our reality. We don’t see all of the effects of anything, even if it looks like we are.

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3. You let go of fear:

When you start to understand reality on a deeper level, you also start to give up fear. Everything that was unknown is no longer so scary.

Sure, it can be overwhelming, but the fear disappears. You have gone through this false reality and you have reached a balance.




4. You learn your attention’s worth:

7 Things You Will Realize When You Finally Awaken

You can see more clearly how important our attention is. The world we live in is all about selling things and making us want to be attracted. If we as a whole stopped feeding on it, we could take over the business and control our lives.

Although it will probably never happen, realizing that it is possible will really help you release yourself.




5. You understand how fake things in this world are:

When you question reality, you start to see all the cracks. Everyone and everything you thought you were happy before starts to stand out.

You begin to see how fake this world is. No one is as they seem and most things don’t really matter.




6. You realize how easy it is to get what you want:

7 Things You Will Realize When You Finally Awaken

When you start to understand the truth about reality, you also understand better what it takes to get what you want.

You learn to make things work for you and if you can implement those things that you have learned in your life, you can have everything you want.

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7. You see how easy it is to change your perception:

While before it might have seemed almost impossible to change your own perception, you did.

Now you see that it is not as complicated as many people think. Although it may seem unattainable, if you try, you can succeed.


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