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9 Lessons that Only Death can Teach Us About Life

Death changes who we are. But the strangest thing is that we don’t know what happens to the dying or deceased person. Maybe they have gone to a better world if there is such a world.

We don’t know and for centuries people have been curious about it. But there have been many loving spirits who came down after their deaths and communicated with their loved ones.

Some of the wise words they say about their afterlife are truly incredible, but it is wisdom that only the dead can hold:



1. Karmic retribution:

We have been nourished by this belief that our karma punishes or blesses us in one way or another in this life. This karma is of course not the karma of our life now, but rather our previous life.

It is this constant consolation or concern that, in one way or another, we have done something terrible in our past life and that is what makes us unhappy now.

However, it is a terribly defeatist attitude. Karma doesn’t work that way, your past life has nothing to do with your current life.

This kind of thinking will also take away the spark from your current life, as you will always be wary of what you are doing and will end up losing all the fun. With Karma, it’s not just an eye for an eye concept, it’s so much more.



2. A prearranged reason to live for:

It is assumed that when we enter this life, we already have a purpose. It may be true, but we are spending far too much time trying to understand why we are here.

In due course, it becomes a kind of obsession and the meaning of our lives begins to focus on finding its purpose. It’s almost absurd to see how these things work but if you think about it, we’re not supposed to know our goal, at least, that easily.

If you really learn what your purpose is; life, as a search for a goal, would lose all meaning. Yes, you will be enlightened but could you live this kind of life?



3. Nothing lasts forever:

9 Lessons that Only Death Teaches Us About Life 2It’s a cliché idea but it remains one of the real facts in this world, everything is constantly changing and there is nothing we can do about it. The best thing we can do is accept the change and try not to be disturbed by it.

It’s like this Hindu philosophy where the world is nothing more than an illusion (‘Maya’) – fleeting.

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4. Life is wonderful:

Life can be difficult and sometimes we can ruin it. We regret it very much and when regret gets worse, we could even call this life a curse. Some of us may even have wanted not to exist.

But it’s just the kind of thinking we can have because we don’t know anything about death. Life is beautiful, even its mistakes. We should try to appreciate it more rather than calling it terrible.



5. Don’t judge others:

Think with an open mind, do not be judgmental as this can only lead to a terrible form of narrow-mindedness where you cannot even engage with all the things in the world.

As humans, we are supposed to be part of this big world and we are supposed to interact freely with all of its elements. Don’t let your narrow-mindedness or your judgments trap you in one cage. Think rather big and reach out, do what you think is right for you.



6. Be aware that things won’t go as expected:

9 Lessons that Only Death Teaches Us About Life 3We plan things a certain way because we think it will go in a specific direction. But life is uncertain and you cannot get what you always wanted. The plans may not go as planned and there may be errors along the way. But there is neither good nor bad.

There will be times when you will feel as if something has resulted in a loss while other times things turn out to be so much better than you thought. Accept both, it’s all part of life and the roller coaster is beautiful that way.

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7. Society will only limit us:

Try to unlearn what you have learned. What society teaches us is what they have learned over the years and it may not be correct. It may sound right, but we are all unique people and we have our own uniqueness to decide.

Society chooses to define us only if we allow it. Learn to live life on your terms, don’t limit yourself to what society teaches you. Think about it, you are a new person who could define how future generations will choose to remember you. Be enlightened and walk on your own path.



8. Love is the best gift humans can give and receive:

We must not insist too much, love is beautiful. It is an energy that circulates inside all human beings and while some can feel it more and others less, it is always there. It is a powerful energy.

It is only after your death that you understand what love means and what it means to lose Love. Don’t take it lightly, don’t take it shamefully either. Try to soak up this energy, it’s probably the most important one that brings you life.



9. Death can be pleasant:

Death may seem like a really serious problem, after all, it’s “the end”. But if you think about it, you don’t lose much. Yes, you will lose your worldly existence and leave the plane of reality. But you can get better in one place and live a better life. It’s the only thing though.

One of the fears of dying is that it separates us from our loved ones. It is not true at all. You go to a place and can wait for your loved ones to get there. Death is inevitable, so even if it can be a long wait, it’s going to be okay because you can at least be sure they’ll arrive soon enough.

It’s natural to be afraid of death, it sounds so scary. But it is time that we become one with this idea of inevitability, and that we also rejoice in our life as a living human being and that we fully live life as long as it lasts.

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