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Choose a Card and Receive the Message You Most Need to Hear Right Now

We face many situations in our lives, and sometimes we really need a message of hope and motivation that will help us stay strong and motivated with our goals.

These messages should provide a life lesson and reflection that motivates us to put aside all fears and excuses and focus on doing our best every day to ensure we live our best life.

We offer you today a little quiz that will really deliver you a very special message for your life. What you need to do is simple: choose from the 3 cards shown above, the one that suits you best, either for its design or color.

Then scroll down to find the message it keeps for you:



Table of Contents

Card 1:

This card shows a flower that had a difficult time growing between rocks and stones but survived and reached the Sun. It symbolizes the path of strong and victorious people. When things get complicated, these people do not blame others for their problems, but they face them with a lot of courage and determination because they know their potential.

The most beautiful flowers are those that have overcome their greatest difficulties.

The meaning of the card:

The seed does not know what it will become and has never known a flower to tell its story. It does not know what the future holds and may be afraid. However, more frightening than acting is doing nothing.

Therefore, the seed decides to make an effort and thus begins to change lives. It fights rocks, soil and grows to the surface. The fight is long. The seed struggles against the soil, pebbles and crawls among the rocks. It is tired and thinks that it could have lived a long time, calmly, if it had not moved, but in reaching its goal, it realizes that it is this initiative that pushed it to develop and reach its current level.

Like the seed, we are always safer at home in the midst of what we already know. Starting a new journey is a big challenge, but when a dream awakens in our hearts, courage comes to us and nothing can stop us. Remember that.




Card 2:

This card shows a destroyed and burning tower. Therefore, a couple is forced to jump from the tower because they can not stay in it anymore.

In the middle of all this appears a translucent and meditative figure representing consciousness.

The meaning of the card:

This card can show that you feel very affected by certain situations in life as if the floor was lifting up from your feet. While this may sound very negative at first glance, this moment can also be very meaningful as it will help you become a more daring and stronger person.

After the storm, the dust settles and you can see your way more clearly. So, if you face a difficult situation, do not despair, understand that at the right time, you will understand the purpose.




Card 3:

This card shows a person coming into contact with his “higher self” and transformed with his help. This is very much the current phase of your life. Your inner wounds finally come to the surface, ready to heal, and you’re excited about the beginning of a new phase of your life.

You are open to new experiences and new relationships and look forward to what life holds for the future.

The meaning of the card:

You have a lot of trauma related to your past experiences and you often believe that everyone who is on your way wants to hurt you. But the truth is that no one has the time to devote his life to hurting you, everyone is too busy dealing with their own wounds, and the more you think about it, the more likely you are to attract such situations into your life because the universe gives us what we think most about.

Concentrate on healing your wounds, advancing and finding people with whom you feel good. Free yourself from the fear of being hurt and embrace life as it is presented to you. True joy and freedom come to you when you give up the need to control everything and let yourself be surprised.

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