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Ask Yourself a Question and Choose an Animal – It Will Give You the Answer You are Looking for

Once again ask yourself the question you have in your heart, the one you can’t answer and then choose an animal from those in the image. Your choice will contain the answer you are looking for.

How many times do we feel lost in front of the many questions and the many uncertainties of life?

What we need, often, is just an answer to explain and comfort us.

Before leaving you to the test, we want to start the text of a great master, Paramahansa Yogananda, hoping that it will inspire you on your journey into the soul:

“You are all gods, but you don’t know it.

The sea of ​​God’s presence is behind the wave of your consciousness. You must search within yourself.

Don’t focus on the small wave of the body with all its weaknesses, look beyond.

Close your eyes and you will see omnipresence around you.

You are at the center of this sphere and as soon as you raise your consciousness above the body and its experiences, you realize that the sphere is permeated with the infinite joy and bliss that illuminates the stars and gives strength to the wind and storms.

God is the source of all our joys and of all nature.

Wake up from the darkness of ignorance. You have closed your eyes in the sleep of illusion. Awaken!

Open your eyes and you will see the glory of God, the immense horizon of the light of God that spreads over all things.

I am advising you to be divinely realist, and you will find in God the answer to all your questions. “

Then read message corresponding to your choice:



1. The Owl:

The Owl can see what we don’t see. It is known as the nocturnal eagle. Watch it when you want to know the unexplored areas of consciousness.

When we choose the owl, it means that we are not looking beyond the darkness, that we see only what precedes us, and we are not exploring the best of ourselves.

It means that we are not living our mission completely, that we need to look deeper into ourselves and into our shadows, that we need to humbly ask wisdom in our lives and then open our eyes to the true meaning of our lives.

Pay more attention to the signs that life is giving you because the signal is not always great light, it could be the simplest sign to which you are not giving the right attention.

A sentence for those who chose the owl:

“You are a spark of the eternal flame. You can hide the spark, but you can never destroy it. ”
– P. Yogananda




2. The Horse:

It is the symbol of personal power, missionary journeys and the gift of intuition. The horse is connected with the freedom of the spirit, the increase of its inner power.

It helps us to become independent. It is connected to astral projection and teaches us to share our knowledge on the path of beauty.

If you chose the horse it means that you have to believe more in yourself, have more confidence in your personal power, put your plans into practice. You are a person with great inner strength and you need to explore, but you still have a lot of insecurity inside.

Start with making good planning of your life, put on paper everything you want to get with date and names. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, start now, it’s time to believe in your potential, you’re more than you can imagine.

A sentence for those who chose the horse:

“All kinds of seeds of power are within you, waiting for you to grow them”.
– P. Yogananda



3. The Eagle:

It is the symbol of mental clarity. Enlightenment, broad vision, courage, the elevation of the spirit to great heights.

The eagle helps us see life in a broader context, allowing us to make decisions and set goals with clarity and objectivity, to see beyond. For the natives of America, the eagle is always a warning of initiation, mental cleanliness, the light that comes with dawn.

It is time to start again, to empty yourself, filling the wisdom of broad and profound learning of spiritual life. It’s time to spread your wings and fly higher, look at everything from a greater distance.

If you have chosen the eagle, the suggestion is to be decisive, pursue your goals with greater certainty and clarity. Don’t let negativity stop you from flying. You will be able to complete the greatest flights if you observe your life and yourself with more love and safety.

A sentence for those who chose the eagle:

“Simple life and high thinking should be the goal. Learn to accept all conditions of happiness, meditating and harmonizing your consciousness with external influences. Whatever the environment, do not allow your inner peace to be affected. ”
– P. Yogananda




4. The Bear:

It is the symbol of introspection. The bear enters a cave and in solitude digests the experiences he lived. He reconnects with Mother Earth in intense introspection, then re-emerges in the source of the soul, in a rebirth, when everything is sprouting again.

In this period, nothing that is out there interests him, only the renewal, the act of thinking about the actions taken, believing that the answers are within us.

It represents your inner guidance, introspection, and physical healing. The bear travels in the spiritual paths of the Warrior. It indicates the path of physical healing in a broad sense that involves over your physical body, even your prosperity.

It is the portal of introspection, of the subconscious, of stillness, of the silence of the soul that is necessary for life.

It’s time to talk less and listen more, listen to yourself, listen to your heart and the signs of your body. Take care of yourself with more affection and listen to your inner voice. So stop running and walk quietly, try to meditate and breathe deeply.

A sentence for those who have chosen the Bear:

“Resisting temptation does not mean denying all the pleasures of life, but having superior control over what you really want to do. I’m showing you the way to true freedom, not the false sense of freedom that is forcing you to do what your habits dictate. ”
-P. Yogananda




5. The Lion:

It is a symbol of prosperity and leadership. Symbol of strength, vitality, and courage. Inspire the lion to find more confidence in yourself, when you face difficult and demanding tasks. To balance mind and heart, to use intelligence when instinct needs to be overcome.

If you have chosen the lion it is because you need to pull out the claws, to regain power, strength, majesty, prosperity, nobility, courage, health, safety and self-confidence.

It is, therefore, time for changes and, for some, for major changes.

Use your will for a complete change, for evolution and growth, for your heart. Trust the potential, cry out to the world who you are and what you want, don’t repress your emotions anymore. Make your voice heard.

A sentence for those who chose the lion:

“Man is not important for his Ego or his personality. Man is important because, as a soul, he is a part of God. ”
-P. Yogananda




6. The Dolphin:

It is the symbol of purity, joy and unconditional love. When you need to create more harmony with nature, immerse yourself in the depths of your being. To find serenity, listen and understand your inner “sounds”.

The dolphin inspires intelligence and fun, spreading joy in the world. Your choice indicates the need for more joy in your life, more lightness, fluidity, calm, fun.

Start taking things less seriously, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, maybe you’ve found what you need. Start bringing more colors into your life, listen to the voice of your soul and your heart, listen more and talk less.

Be more collaborative with others, less critical of others and of yourself. Take the opportunity to make more trips, send messages to friends, to your family. Laugh instead of feeding bitterness, forgive more, love more. Avoid rude and negative people, look for new friends. Listen to good music and watch less television.

A sentence for those who have chosen the dolphin:

“If you have given up the hope of being happy, rejoice. Never lose hope. Your soul, being a reflection of the eternally blessed Spirit, is essentially happiness itself. ”
– P. Yogananda

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