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Choose One of the Mandala Cards to Discover Amazing Aspects of Your Life

Mandalas are very attractive to look at because of their many colors and shapes. They can help us stay calm and follow our lives more consciously.

Today’s test shows another aspect of mandalas: that of self-discovery. In the picture above, we present three separate cards, each representing a different mandala. Choose the one you prefer and discover amazing aspects of your life.

Are you ready? Let’s go:



Table of Contents

Number 1:

Although you portray yourself as being a cold and extremely strong person in the world, in reality, you are very charitable and full of love to give to all those around you. You care about what others feel and want to do the best so that happiness is always present in the lives of those you love.

It takes a while to connect with people because you take a close look at their personalities and make sure they treat you the way you deserve. However, when you confirm that someone is really good for you, you invest the maximum in this relationship.

You must pay attention to your inner desire to always give everything to the people around you because they will not always recognize your efforts and you may feel wronged. Put yourself in the forefront and practice self-esteem so that your life is much better.




Number 2:

You are the type to have projects for your life and to always do your part to carry them out. Always very dedicated, active and organized, you act today thinking of the future and you are looking for the strength to conquer all the difficulties and create the life you have always wanted to live.

Stopping moving forward is never an option, and even in the most difficult times, you can find the light to continue. Your personality prevents you from keeping close contact with those who choose to be victims of life because that is not how you act in your private life.

You’re doing very well, but be careful not to just focus on work. Take time to mix with those who love you and do what you love because this positive emotional reinforcement is essential to your journey. Success is also about being happy and cultivating good relationships.




Number 3:

You are a positive and energetic person who likes to live intensely. Ordinary life does not motivate you because you enjoy different and unique experiences that allow you to connect more truly with yourself. Sometimes you can be a little impulsive, but that’s your way of life.

Your freedom is inspiring and could certainly be embraced by more people; your way of looking at life is very special. You value the good things and you strive to not have been in this world for nothing.

However, you could benefit even more if you learn to be a little more patient, because things will not always be the way you want them, but they will follow the best path for your life.


What was your card? Did you like your results?

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