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What Kind of Elemental Spirit Do You Have? Fire, Air, Water or Earth?

When we look into the soul of the Universe, we can easily see how everything is connected. We are all the same. In fact, we are the expression of the Universe in human form.

We are all stardust, and we all carry the elements of the world around us. These elements include Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

We all have in us an element of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, but often there is only one or two that stand out.

To discover if you are a spirit of Fire, Earth, Air or Water, here is a brief overview of their energy footprints. You can also read each item in more detail below.



If you are an Air Spirit:

You will feel a call to deliver a message to the world through teaching or creative self-expression.
You have a strong imagination to think about the whole situation.
You want to defend humanity, your beliefs and those of others.
You always strive to stay in peace and resolve conflicts.
Surrounding yourself with friends and family is important to you.




If you are a Water Spirit:

You feel a call to give art, love, music, and joy in the world.
You are very intuitive and tend to act with your emotions.
You feel the desire to bring healing in the world through self-expression.
You have the power to help yourself and others to heal emotionally.
You are sensitive to the energies around you and often need time alone.



If you are an Earth Spirit:

You will feel a call to heal and take care of others, especially using nature.
You have no problem keeping space for other people or taking on responsibilities.
You have the strong ambition to heal and save the planet or to make the world better in one way or another
You keep your emotions to yourself and only share what is needed.
You tend to feel comforted and peace when you are in nature.




If you are a Fire Spirit:

You will feel called to deliver an important message to the world.
You must feel passionate about things to pursue them.
You will feel a burning desire to create, inspire or lead others.
You are not afraid to say things like them are and communicate your truth.
You are often very independent and you always trace a new path.




The Spirits of Air:

The spirits of air are here to bring vision and innovation to the world. They are born teachers and speakers, and they often have the talent to bring their ideas into the material world. They are strong visionaries and they are often revolutionary in their ideas and beliefs. The air spirits are really here to bring lasting change to the world.

The air spirits are also the guardians of peace and are naturally talented in resolving conflicts and bringing harmony to all participants. However, when they are unbalanced, the spirits of the air can fear conflicts and not be able to cope with them. They may also lose touch with people and the realities of life, or lack rooting or stability.

The spirits of the air are often awakened by the desire to defend their beliefs, their ideas, and their creations. It is often through a dream or a prophetic vision that they begin to truly identify with what they are.




The Spirits of Water:

The spirits of water are there to heal the world by bringing more art, joy, and music. The water spirits are often very creative and intuitive and like to explore all areas of art and creativity. They are also very sensitive to the environment around them and can capture the energy of others, even if they are not aware of it.

The spirit of water awakens when it realizes that by simply being who it is, and letting its creativity flow, it can achieve anything it desires. The spirits of water are unbalanced and clueless when they try to conform.

The spirits of water have the gift of being able to understand and tune the emotional vibrations of their souls and the souls of those around them. They are also very sensitive to the energies of the Universe and are very intuitive.

When not in equilibrium, the spirit of the water may feel overwhelmed, too sensitive, depressed and anxious.




The Spirits of Earth:

The spirits of earth are here to heal others through nature. As born healers, they are often attracted to the use of herbal medicines. They are also in total agreement with Mother Earth and strive to make the world better in one way or another.

It is the desire to heal that often helps the spirit of Earth to awaken, and through this desire, it develops an ambition and a desire to create a powerful change. The spirits of the Earth are highly motivated and do not fear to assume responsibilities if it is to serve a higher purpose. They also have the ability to keep space for others and are powerful people to rely on.

In imbalance, the spirit of Earth can become cold, emotionally stressed or overloaded. This makes him move away or lose sight of his larger goals. The spirits of Earth always recharge their batteries by spending time in nature.




The Spirits of Fire:

The spirits of fire spirits are there to convey a message to the world by directing, creating and inspiring others. At some point in their lives, their awakening is manifested when they have a fire burning in their belly. This fire will burn passionately and strongly and will encourage that person to pursue his greatest dreams and wishes. They do not need to do anything special to tune in their inner flame. By simply being faithful to himself, the spirit of fire can deliver his message to the world.

When no longer in balance, the spirit of fire can become too aggressive. They may also be inclined to go wild or feel frustrated when someone or something obstructs their vision. By being sensitive to others, and focusing on the overall goal, he can learn to calm down and raise his awareness.

When he does not use the energy of his flame, he may be prone to excessive thinking, anxiety, insomnia, and a sense of blockage in his life. It is therefore important for a spirit of fire to possess this energy and use it productively.


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