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Choose a Card to Understand Which Emotional Wound You Need to Heal

Choose one of the cards shown in the picture above and determine your wound to heal to improve your life.

We all have emotional wounds caused by the negative experiences we experience that affect our lives. They change the way we feel inside and are also reflected in our relationships with the world. As old as they are, they can influence us in the same way, and if we can not find a way to cure them, we risk repeating their negative patterns throughout our lives.

We must be able to recognize and treat these wounds so that we can walk with more joy and confidence.

If you do not know some of your emotional wounds, this test a must.

Choose one of the cards shown in the image below and determine the wound to heal to improve your life.

Choose a Card to Understand Which Emotional Wound You Need to Heal

If you chose:



Card number 1:

Your biggest injury is emotional instability.

You may not have had a healthy emotional bond with your parents since childhood, and this has turned you into a person who can not handle your emotions very well and often ends up creating an unhealthy attachment to those around you providing what you did not have.

You may not have received a good emotional education and this can really hinder your current life, but do not let yourself live with this limitation forever.

There are so many very good people in this world who will love you properly, including giving you the attention and care you want.

Seek help to heal your past hurts and learn a better way to live with those around you




Card number 2:

Guilt is your emotional hurt that needs healing.

You may have been overloaded with advice and demands at home or with your loved ones throughout your life.

People may have required good grades, talent, intelligence, good athletic performance, emotional availability, good work, in short, a multitude of things, and this pressure persists and sometimes makes things very difficult for you.

You can not build solid happiness because you always feel that something is missing or need to be fixed. You must heal from this injury to learn to love yourself as you are and to enjoy life, even with your failures.

You are a good person, learn to accept yourself.




Card number 3:

The trauma of the past is surely your most serious wound that requires healing.

You could not handle all the disappointments of the past, and instead of healing them, you simply built a wall around you to avoid disappointment. The problem is that this wall forbids not only bad things but also good things.

Even if someone has hurt you, it does not mean that everyone will do the same thing, find help to heal this trauma.

Give up your defensive position and be more open to what life offers you. Give a chance and a little of your trust to others, and you could be really surprised.

Which card did you choose? Do you agree with its result? Give your opinion in the comments below!

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