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Choose a Symbol to Reveal a Spiritual Message for You

Define your intention and then choose which symbol (1 – 9) you think is most important. Make your choice instinctively without thinking.

Discover your message below:



If you chose 1:

It’s time to let go and trust the universe. Instead of trying to struggle against what is, just take a step back and allow yourself to move forward with the pace and flow of life.

You are now asked to stop making your way and accept the present moment and what is. Your next step will be revealed to you when you are calm, focused and determined on your true intention. Avoid making hasty decisions, meditate and let silence guide you.




If you chose 2:

Limits are not a bad thing if they are built consciously and with guided intention. It’s time for you to put some of these limits in place because too many of them are scattered! By having clear boundaries, you give your life a little structure and calm, which is exactly what you need to focus on right now.

You must focus on the responsibility of things that are not planned and stop wasting your time and energy on people and situations that no longer serve your purpose. It’s time to take inventory, as discouraging as it may seem, it will be your greatest ally right now. It’s also the perfect time to clean your house to reduce clutter.




If you chose 3:

You are on the good road! Although things are not always clear to you, this message is used to let you know that everything will be fine! You are walking on your highest path now and although you may have many questions, the Universe lets you know that you are guided and cared for.

Trust that everything will work perfectly and with divine timing. You do not need to worry about the future or the past, just stay present and watch the magic of your life! If you have a big decision to make, know that the answer to your decision will be delivered to you thanks to a synchronous message.




If you chose 4:

It’s time to forget the past. Too many of you are stuck on what was rather than watching the present. Although it is important to cry and give yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in repeating the same old stories to yourself over and over again. Leave the past where it is and look ahead now. You are called to take the present moment in your hands and to do what you want.

Power is in your hands to change the future and the only way to do that is to change your awareness of the present moment. In order to free the past, try to write it down or trust a friend, give yourself one last moment to rethink old emotions and let them go. You will not be able to move forward until you have done so.




If you chose 5:

Things are moving quickly and it’s time to set new goals and intentions! Life has changed at a fast pace and it seems like things are finally gaining momentum, what a great time to set new goals for this new chapter of your life. Start by looking within yourself and discover what your heart really wants. Write down the things that make you happy, then go for it!

Although the results are not instantaneous, think that your thoughts are like a boomerang, flying straight to the heavens. As you wait for them to come back, continue to define your positive thoughts and intentions. The message of the Universe is clear: your intentions of the moment, they will be delivered to you!




If you chose 6:

You focus too much on the outdoors instead of looking inward. In the depths of your heart are the answers to all your questions, but unless you still have your mind, how can you hear them? Your head is full of clutter and your mind is confused, erase thoughts and look inside. Meditate, take a walk, calm your mind and reconnect with the Universe.

The Spirit asks you to look for answers inside instead of looking for clues or outward signs. It is now about becoming in tune with the Universe and all that it contains for you and the only way to do it is to think inside. Watch your thoughts today, but try not to engage them or judge them, come back to you and be aware of when your ego is at stake.




If you chose 7:

You have worked hard and now it’s time for you to take a break, rest and relax! Take some time outdoors to enjoy the sun and revive your inner child. Do something spontaneous, or plan an adventure or a trip abroad. You have a lot to learn by taking time during your day to do something that is quite enjoyable.

Do not feel guilty because life is like this! Reward your body with clean, organic food, reward your mind with fun stimulation, and reward your heart with the joy of your friends and family. Often, we forget the power of a smile and a laugh. Whatever your external situation, remember that finding joy in everything can be good for you and the rest of the world.




If you chose 8:

It’s time to connect. Connect with those around you, connect with you and connect with nature. You are not alone, you are part of the great network of the Universe and you must remember that everyone, everything – plant, animal or other is connected by a greater force. You can feel it, sometimes you can even see it, but now it’s time to put it into practice. Remove the mask you are wearing and allow yourself to make a real connection. Start on your own, then explore to the outside.

Connect with plants, animals and finally, you will be ready to make a real connection with others. If you are having trouble with relationships or problems at work, it’s likely that all you have to do is log in. Try to see things from their point of view. Get out of your ego, in consciousness and ask.




If you chose 9:

It’s a sign of the universe that all you have to do has been done and now you can sit down and enjoy the fruits of your work. The University wants to thank you for being you and spreading the message of consciousness to others. You are a true spiritual teacher who has guided many people and now it’s up to you to receive a gift. Of course, this gift is not material, it is better than that. It’s the gift of knowing.

You now have the gift of knowing that life is beautiful and that everything is there for you to grow, teach and love. There is no good or bad or true or false, it’s just there. You’ve had a lot of growth lately and now it’s time to pass it on. Reach out to a friend in need, write an article, plant a tree, communicate your lessons to the world for no other reason than to help develop awareness.

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