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Choose a Mystical Symbol to Reveal Something Profound about Your Personal Energy

Symbols are known to convey meaningful messages to our consciousness and our subconscious.

They represent different types of power and knowledge and can help us choose the most positive paths in our lives that will lead us to our desired accomplishments.

Today, we bring a very special test with mystical symbols. This can help you discover valuable information about your energy. You simply have to choose one of the three symbols below. Then read on to find out what this reveals.

If the symbol you chose was…


1: Lakshmi Star

The eight-pointed star is a common symbol in many cultures, represented by different names and meanings. If it was your choice, it means that your personality is very interesting and very easily arouses the passion of others.

Your way of talking, acting and being is charming, and people can hardly resist your natural charm, especially when you talk about what you really love.

Your energy is naturally explosive and authentic, you pursue your goals with a lot of truth and dedication, and when you achieve something you’ve always wanted, you’re spreading a light so intense that you can not go unnoticed. You stand out in the world by the power of your energy.



2: The Moon

The moon is thought to represent the sensitive nature of people. She personifies the child who lives in each of us and the changes we have experienced from the past to the present.

If you have chosen this symbol, it means that you are a spontaneous, friendly, spiritual, happy and optimistic person, able to make any situation more pleasant and to make smile the people whom you love.

Your energy is very spontaneous and direct, which is good and bad. When you do not know how to handle it well, you can confuse sincerity, a beautiful and precious quality, with insensitivity and lack of consideration for people.

Therefore, you must think carefully before speaking so that others do not perceive you badly and do not compromise your relationships. If you use your spontaneity with awareness, you will get the best things in life.



3: The Eye of Nazar

The Turkish eye, also known as Nazar, closely resembles the shape of a flattened drop. It is believed that extremely strong protective forces against negative energies and the evil eye are present in the eyeball.

If it is this symbol that caught your attention, it means that you must act more spontaneously and look at the world so as not to miss opportunities to be happy.

Your energy is very intuitive. You can read the intentions and feelings of others and often absorb them for yourself. This has its good side because you are rarely manipulated by others, but also its negative side, which can make you sad and desperate, depending on the things you grow. Protect your privacy and do not let other people’s problems dominate your life.


What was the symbol of your choice? Did you like your results? Comment below and share the test with your friends on social networks!

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