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Choose a Photo and Find out Who You Were in a Past Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, you have probably wondered what kind of person or who you were in a past life. This quiz could help you learn more about a past life.

Look at the 6 images below and choose the one that gives you the most peace. Do not try to guess what can be said about each of them and make it too logical, just follow your intuition.

Once you have made your choice, scroll down and discover the interpretation of the image of your choice.

Choose a photo and find out what kind of person you could have been in a past life:



If you chose picture 1:

In a past life, you distinguished yourself a little like a prophet. Their wisdom and conscience have helped many people find positive paths in their lives. You believed in the power of love and therefore did not accept any kind of prejudice in your life.

Generosity was one of your main qualities and you always hold it in your present life. To make the most of your past wisdom, learn to develop and use your sixth sense.




If you chose picture 2:

You have lived a very different life in the past, you were able to play the role of mediator in passages across the worlds. Your main function was to divide people into different dimensions according to their behavior in life.

As you were in touch with the spirits of people, in your present life, you have the “gift” of reading those around you. In this way, you will be able to choose the healthiest companies in your life. You just have to pay attention to judgments. When we hasten to tag people before we know them, we run the risk of missing opportunities to make powerful connections.




If you chose picture 3:

You were a person into art in a past life. You may be so well known that your work has been made public around the world. You have had the opportunity to see unique details in everything around you and create works of unique beauty.

This artistic heritage still exists in you and, if you devote yourself to it, you will be able to awaken this talent in your present life.




If you chose picture 4:

In your past life, you had a lot of skills. Your brain has run as fast as a computer and you have done calculations like no one, instantly analyzing different patterns.

Today, you still feel this fascination with numbers and electronic gadgets. If you choose to follow your vocation, lifestyles will naturally open up to you.




If you chose picture 5:

You have been a guide for people in your previous life. You may have worked as a teacher, transmitting your knowledge with humility to future generations.

Dedicating yourself to knowledge can be very useful in your present life, where we need people willing to pass on knowledge without any personal interest. You have the ability to captivate people and to make them follow your advice spontaneously.




If you chose picture 6:

In a past life, you have prepared people for their future. You may have been a fortuneteller or a magician very inspired by your sixth sense and the vision of your future.

In your present life, your sixth sense is even more evolved and you can predict events more accurately. Be sure to exercise this very rare gift, share it with others. You can certainly become a spiritual healer.

So, what did you think of this test?


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