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Reincarnation: 4 Signs That This Isn’t Your First Life On Earth

Reincarnation is the spiritual belief that the soul leaves the body at the death of the physical body and it re-enters another physical body after spending a brief time in the spirit world. Some people come back to relieve their Karma, others to further develop their souls, and some choose to help others to evolve.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests reincarnation.

How can you know if it’s reincarnation and it’s not your first life on earth? In fact, there are different ways to know if you have lived on earth before. You can either go to a hypnotherapist and get a regression of a past life, or you can meditate and feel intuitively if you have lived later, or you can take the time to think about some of the characteristics that you have as a person and see if they imply that you have had a reincarnation.


4 Signs That This Isn’t Your First Life On Earth


1. From an early age, you have the ability to read people’s thoughts.

Just looking at a person for a few minutes can help you identify that person’s characteristics and lifestyle. It’s almost as if you have a software that allows you to download information about other souls at first sight.

You get to see the archetype, understand his general behavior and his psychology. You have interacted with thousands of people through the course of your soul’s history, so there is not really an archetype with which you have not interacted.

It does not mean that you judge others, it simply means that you are a great observer. When you are in public, you always see everything around you. You watch people interact and observe the energy exchanges that occur during the conversation. You feel more comfortable as an observer than a participant. This is natural to you.

Reading in people’s minds has allowed you to become a very good lie detector. When someone lies to you, you know it. You notice the dissociation in his eyes, the change in his energy field, and the way he/she utters the words.

You later faced these kinds of situations, so you are not naive socially, even though you have not had much interaction in this life. You have always been difficult to handle because you get to see the true intentions and desires of other people. It’s just natural to feel people.


2. You enjoy isolation.

You like to spend time alone. Not because you like to be alone, but because you like to meet with yourself. You like to be able to find you. You enjoy going for a walk under the stars instead of being at a party full of people or spending the day alone in nature rather than in a shopping center. It’s not because you are a hermit, but because you do not need anyone to validate your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem comes from your relationship with yourself and your spirituality, not from the approval or acceptance of others. When you first ventured into this world, you soon realized that you had to create a comfortable life for yourself. With many previous lives or reincarnations on your list, you already know that you do not have to prove yourself to anyone.

You can still go out and be social, but it will not serve you in the same way as others. You’ve always been used to being surrounded by different types of personalities, and you know what to expect. In fact, the most satisfying thing for you is to feel peace in you.


3. You do not melt into the mass.

You stain wherever you go … At school, at work, at family reunions. Since always, you have always felt cramped. Behaving “in a certain way” in public seems to be forced on you, and trying to have a meaningless conversation is simply painful. You do not understand why some people behave the way they do.

Sometimes you even feel like a lion, who thought you were a sheep all your life. And this lion behaved and thought like a sheep, but after a few years of experience, this lion realized that he was much more than that and that he had to reveal his true face. And when he tried to pretend to be a sheep again, it did not seem natural at all, because now he was conscious of himself.

You are the type of person who starts conversations about spirituality, animal rights, while many are often only talking about rain and good weather. You have the art of intriguing others, and it goes well beyond interests.

It can be difficult for you to adapt at times. Maybe you have tried before, but you have failed. What is difficult for you to understand is how some people manage to be happy while only throwing replicas. Being conventional is totally foreign to you. And you even do things that others would describe as “weird,” such as meditating or just enjoying the moment. Certainly, you have quite different habits from the average person, not because you try to be different, but because you do not know how to be “normal”.


4. You have an evolved soul.

People come easily to you for advice, even if you are sometimes younger than them. They appreciate your advice because you are insightful and wise. You have a lot of understanding and a more universal view of the trials of life than many. Perhaps, in the end, you are here on earth to help others achieve that same goal. You are evolved spiritually enough to understand the importance of things such as patience, self-respect, and introspection.

What some people take 10 years to learn can take you a year because your soul has many experiences and is used to recognizing certain signs. Having compassion for someone who is in trouble seems natural to you because you think you can help in what he/she is going through. You will always meet your own adversity in life, but you always approach it with maturity and weighting. You learn quickly when it comes to the lessons of life, and you are very attentive to what life is trying to show you.

Social status and glory do not matter to you. You want to grow spiritually, evolve into someone better, and help others do the same. It’s more natural and rewarding.

Of course, there are other reincarnation characteristics for people who have had previous lives, but I think these are the most common. If I forgot one, please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Bion

    Some of the missing points could be:

    “Dreaming of some foreign places which you had never went before”
    “Dreaming of some people which you had never seen them before”
    “Specifically drawn to certain places or even countries”
    “Foreign Language spoken during infancy”

  2. Endorsi Zahard

    One other factor is the familiarity with certain individuals. Upon meeting them, there is that feeling of “having known them all your life” but which life? Certainly not this one. Your soul recognizes these souls long before your brain registers their importance to you. and through the bonding process whether as friends or lovers, they become an essential part of your life.

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