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Take this Spiritual Test to Discover your Mission here on Earth

Spiritual test: the first thing you see in the image reveals your mission on Earth.

We all come to Earth with a mission to accomplish. Do you know yours? This spiritual test will reveal it to you.

What mission did you come to realize for the world? What does the Universe need? These questions are very profound and it is not always easy to find the answer.

But sometimes, a little help can give you the clue you need to find the right path that you will need to follow. This is why our spiritual test can help you.

Although everyone’s mission is unique, there are some repeating patterns. By knowing them, you can get closer to the true Universal answer that lives in you. Taking part in our spiritual test is simple: look at this picture and answer.

What is the first thing that caught your attention?



1. A wolf:

If the first thing that caught your attention in the test was the wolf, it means you came into the world to be a spiritual warrior. You have many battles to win, the world needs you, awake, alert and full of energy.

Surely you feel a lot of indignation for injustice inside you, it hurts you to see how many people suffer while others enjoy themselves. This anger makes you see the way humans treat our planet differently.

All these feelings are not in vain: you have to fight for a better world because you are called to this. Work on the causes that motivate you.

When you discover what is of your capability, you will realize it with the perception of your inner strength that is renewed.




2. The night/the moon:

If the first thing that caught your attention in the test image was the moon, your mission in life has to do with spiritual or physical healing. You are a very compassionate person and you always feel the need to take care and help the suffering people.

Your mission has to do with this. You may have been called to earth to be a doctor, nurse or therapist. Or your role in life will simply be to give wise advice at the right time, heal the hearts of others, help them find their way.

In any case, you have come into the world to be the support of others and help them move forward.




3. The branches/the forest:

If the first thing you saw in our spiritual test was the forest, it means that your mission in life is linked to wisdom. You are a curious person, who loves learning new things and is not afraid of problems: on the contrary, you see them as a challenge.

You are one of the people on earth to give solutions, to find answers or, at least, to ask you questions. You know well that the world is a place full of mysteries, but I will never stop looking for the definitive answer, even if you know that you will not reach it.

Along the way, you will illuminate many people, who will be able to see things with a different eye.




4. The silhouette of a woman:

If what you saw was a woman’s silhouette, it means that your mission in life is to create. You do not see the world with the same eyes as others. In everything you do, in every problem you encounter, see creative, new and ingenious solutions.

But you also love beauty and you know you can build a better world based on emotions. Therefore, your path is of creation and creativity; what the test reveals is clear: you have come to embellish the world in a spiritual way, to put in the traces of magic, which will make everyone happy and destined to last.

Listen to your more creative side and don’t let it get carried away by everyday obligations, because you really have great potential.

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