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Choose a Tarot Card and Find out what to Expect for this Month

Are you a little unsure of your life right now and want to know a little more about what to expect this month? The tarot can help you.

The tarot is a technique based on a card game, usually composed of 78 cards. Thanks to the tarot, one can understand and analyze the past and present facts of one’s life, as well as certain future events.

However, the Tarot goes well beyond forecasts and past reflections. This technique can help us to know our energy field, to develop self-knowledge and to get closer to our essence, our souls.

Now that you know better what the Tarot is, let’s take the test.

Below, there are 4 cards of the tarot game. Choose the card you identify most with, then scroll down to see what your month reveals.

If you chose…



Card 1: The Empress

The Empress

If you chose Card 1, you feel overwhelmed by a great deal of emotion and need someone to help you build a healthy model to deal with your emotions. This person can also help you resolve conflicting relationships with people who play an important role in your life.

During this time, you should watch yourself to maintain an emotional balance, but do not be too strict. When we suppress or overemphasize our emotions, we can create incompatibility or internal distortions. This month will also provide you with great opportunities to take care of yourself and grow in areas you enjoy.




Card 2: The Tower

The Tower

If you chose this card, you are probably very exhausted and discouraged by your life, and this affects your well-being. This month will mark the beginning of a healing process in your life. You will begin to incorporate wellness activities into your habits, such as exercise, a better diet, meditation, time alone.

You will feel the need to simplify your life as much as possible to achieve physical, mental and psychological well-being. It will be a time of great internal change, but remember to be kind and loving with yourself during this phase.




Card 3: The Star

The Star

If you choose this card, this month will be turned to new ways to help the people around you. For this reason, you will feel the natural desire to participate in charity projects or take the initiative to become more selfless in your daily life.

This work will benefit other people, but especially you, who will feel part of something bigger with a positive purpose. This feeling will increase your self-esteem and confidence and create a healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you.




Card 4: The Fool

The Fool

This card is the choice of authentic people who are proud of their identity and are not afraid to show their true selves to the world. If you chose this card, this month will be an opportunity to work on your inner energies.

You will feel the desire to make a fresh start in your life and you may be more open to change proposals that will challenge you and nurture your inner courage.

Exercise your creativity and listen to your intuition, it will put you on the path of new opportunities and achievements in your life. Do not forget to share your victories with the important people of your life!

Which card did you choose? Did it give you the answers you expected? Leave us your impressions in the comments below!

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