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Choose a Chalice to Discover Your Spiritual Gift

The chalice is the sacred union of men and women that gives life. Which of these chalices draws your eye the most? Look below to find out more about its meaning!

The chalice is essentially a cup that is used as a container for liquids used in magic rituals. It is associated with the element of Water and the Divine Feminine.

Probably surrounded by many stories, this Magic Cup is one of the magical tools that all people with a gift should have.

The chalice is the sacred vessel that holds the primordial waters. The ancient Egyptians, in their cosmogony, described the oceanic abyss of the goddess Nun as a vessel that contains the primordial waters from which life comes and represents one of their greatest mysteries.

The magic cup has also been described as the human body, the container that contains all the liquids that keep us alive. In both ancient pagan and modern rituals, the sacred tools were and are used in the promulgation of the Great Rite.

It is the sacred union of the masculine and feminine that gives life. As the archetype of our human body and the liquid that fills the chalice is our divine essence, our spirit. Therefore, each chalice can symbolize our destiny. Special spirits will enter special chalices.

Make your choice. Let your mind choose a chalice. If you connect to one of the 6 chalices below, you will be able to learn a lot about your gifts.

Choose it and then see what suits you best!

Choose a Chalice to Discover Your Spiritual Gift



If you chose number 1:

You are a healer.

Embellished with turquoise, it is the chalice that brings the gift of healing to all those who drink in it.

The serpents that intertwine confer the incredible power to know the secrets of poisons and remedies of all kinds. If you have chosen this chalice, you must take a closer look at all the healing arts because you are naturally inclined and you will prosper by healing those in need.

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If you chose number 2:

You are prone to ceremonial magic.

You are able to understand the most complicated spell. You have chosen the Egyptian chalice decorated with hieroglyphs. You are able to bring order to chaos and have a disciplined mind.

You will blossom if you start practicing the art of ceremonial magic and even the most complicated ritual will be able to reveal its secrets.

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If you chose number 3:

You are a theurgist.

You have drunk in the chalice that brings you closer to God.

The three aspects of the Divine unite and the holder acquires a certain clarity in the understanding of his sacred role. You should practice the evocation of the Gods and learn to become whole, to reach perfection and the union between the Human and the Divine.

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If you chose number 4:

You are an Elementalist.

Decorated with the colors and symbols of the four elements, this cup gives the wearer the power to understand and to be one with the elements.

Start by searching with what element you feel closest to and deepen your connection, you will certainly be able to elucidate great mysteries.

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If you chose number 5:

You are a medium.

The drinker of this humble Chalice is endowed with the gift of Mediumship. You are able to perceive more things than normal people, you know that you can see the invisible.

Acting as a bridge between the world of spirits and men, you can bring messages and bring the two sides together. Start putting your gift into practice.

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If you chose number 6:

You are a natural sorcerer.

The drinker of this Chalice has the power to connect with Nature and perform Miracles. The double helix shows your connection to Mother Earth.

Spend more time in nature and invoke the sacred powers that reside there. I am sure that you will deepen your connection and that you will be able to understand what remains a mystery to the rest of us.

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