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The 6 Most Common Dream Types and What they Reveal About You

Some of us don’t remember our dreams, but the truth is, we all dream. Some dreams are clear and etched while others are fleeting and confusing. There are also dreams that scare us. No matter what type of dream you see, there are six basic types of dreams; knowing these types can help us understand their meaning:



1. Clearing dreams:

We all have lots of emotions. There are days and events that make us extremely emotional, to the point that they begin to affect us deeply. But clearing dreams can help us relieve this emotional waste.

Yes, clearing dreams are mostly cathartic in nature and they help you feel light and they also calm you down if you have been dealing with emotional turmoil or upheaval.



2. Teaching dreams:

These are dreams that have a moral lesson or message hidden in them. We may be faced with one dilemma or another in our lives. Teaching dreams resort to solving this dilemma.

Sometimes the teaching moment is clear and obvious, but sometimes we have to look for the lesson that the dream is trying to teach us.



3. Problem-solving dreams:

These are the most amazing dreams. These are the dreams that the subconscious plots in our minds. It is, in fact, said that most of the solutions to our day and day problems are found in our subconscious, but not all of us have the power to reach our subconscious so that these solutions remain hidden in the inner recesses of our subconscious.

In the form of dreams, they come out and they help us to solve problems that we might have in our waking life. Such dreams have been a part of the lives of many scholars and even famous scientists.

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4. Precognitive dreams:

They are dreams full of forebodings and foreknowings and they operate at your level of intuition. These dreams tell you about the events that might happen in your life.

If you are lucky, these dreams can also tell you how you can save yourself from any problems or tensions that are going to arise in your life. As already stated, these dreams are related to intuition and therefore help people with high intuitive power.

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5. Visionary dreams:

They are dreams based on a person’s spiritual journey. These dreams guide us in any endeavor we undertake in our spiritual journey. Their main purpose is to tell us whether we are on the right track or not.

If you stray from the right path, these dreams will warn you. Everyone should carefully analyze these dreams as they help the person determine where the spiritual journey is taking them.



6. Outside interference dreams:

These are dreams based on the daily events that happen to us. The remnants of our daily life stay in our subconscious mind and they help generate dreams about everyday events. These dreams might seem like your normal, usual life, nothing special or spectacular.

Sometimes they can even help you look at the event that has already happened in a new light and from a new perspective. Whatever dream you see, be sure to analyze it so that you understand what your dream is telling you. Your life will definitely become much easier if you focus on what your dreams are trying to tell you.



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