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6 Cosmic Reasons why Certain People Come Into Our Life

There have been different sayings and predictions about why people come into our lives, as well as why we might possibly be heading separate ways. Some people subscribe to the belief “A reason, a season or a lifetime”, defining why a person enters your life by the length of their stay.

While there is some truth in the way it is broken down, it lacks the real “reason” why we met these specific people, and the impact they will have on our lives in the long run. With 7.5 billion people walking on the planet, the question arises as to why we meet specific people. Is this a random event or is it intended to have an impact on our lives?

It has been said that there are no coincidences and no accidents, everything that happens in the Universe, all of this can be explained by synchronicity. The idea of spiritual synchronicity is best described as a mirror. Whatever you dedicate your life to and in which you truly believe, will, in turn, be reflected back at you.

If, for example, you believe you have received the gift of empathy and are responsible for healing those you meet in life, you will find yourself meeting those who need your healing and people who can help you with this journey.

Each person we meet has been sent to play a specific role in our universal journey, with the power to impact our lives, influence our decisions and guide us on our intended path. When interacting with people, it is important to remember this. Do not take the people you meet for granted, but rather embrace everything they bring into our lives.

The people who come into your life can be explained by these 6 cosmic reasons:



1. They are here to remind us:

Have you ever lost sight of a goal or dream and then someone reminding you later?

These people are specifically sent to help us remember why we were following the path we chose and where we plan to go in this life.




2. They are here to hold space for us:

While some people in our lives are sent out with great life-changing roles, others are much more subtle.

These people may only stay in our lives for a short time, provide company before moving on, such as the person you are sitting next to the bus or the woman you are having a conversation with while waiting in the line at the grocery store. Although their role in our life is short, they still have meaning.




3. They are here to awaken us:

We all fall in love with this trip at one point or another in our lives – we get so comfortable with the current situation in our lives that we go into autopilot.

Once actively engaged in the direction of our lives, we now sit down and “let it happen”. At that time, the Universe sends people into our lives to help encourage change, opening our eyes to new possibilities.

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4. They are here to encourage us:

There are times on this journey when you may feel discouraged, facing challenges that may seem overwhelming or impossible.

At these times, the Universe sends us people to encourage us, motivate us and help us find our place. They may not stay long in our lives, but their encouragement can be felt for years.




5. They are here to help us grow:

In order to achieve our goals in life, we are going to have to go through periods of growth and change, abandoning old versions of ourselves and becoming the person we ultimately must be.

This growth can sometimes come from an internal trigger, but it often begins with the influence of a third party sent into our lives to start the process.




6. They are here to stay and hold a long-lasting role in our lives:

Not everyone sent to us in this life is sent to stay with us for the long term. Those who do, however, are a rare and precious gift that should never be taken for granted.

This includes your best friend for life, your immediate family members and even your soul mate. Their impact on your life will be important and continuous because they will help you not only by guiding you but also by joining you on your universal path.

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