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People who Have a Spiritual Gift Experience These 6 Curious Things

In a way, we all have a gift. There are gifts that are visible, easy to recognize and distinctive, but there are also those subtle gifts that remain dormant until we become aware of them. These gifts distinguish us from the crowd and sometimes they make us feel slightly eccentric and even supernatural.

These gifts are spiritual in nature. And while spirituality is often linked to development and personal growth, which enables us to rise despite common problems and questions, spiritual gifts can sometimes be difficult to accept.

If you have one and want a normal life, you must first learn how to manage your gift and promote individual accountability.

Here are 6 things that usually affect people who have a spiritual gift, and if you end up in one or more of these points, then you are also in this category of people.



1. Being approached by strangers and ‘strange’ people.

Most often, people who have a spiritual gift attract strangers who need help or healing, be it physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. On the other hand, people who are considered “crazy” by society can also come regularly to meet them.

In fact, these people are not crazy, in fact, they are enlightened but unable to apprehend this reality for the moment. What they need is advice from someone more enlightened so that their subconscious can lead them to people endowed with spiritual powers, and who manage to juggle various constraints.



2. The lunar cycles.

The moon reaches its highest point during the New Moon and Full Moon. During these lunar phases, people with spiritual powers often find it difficult to sleep or may even be agitated.



3. You often wake up between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning.

Known as the ‘Fatal Hour’ between 3am and 4am this specific time of the day is considered the moment when magical powers are the strongest, which means that waking up at this time could stimulate a magical activity or cause strange things.

So, if you wake up or have trouble falling asleep around these hours, it might indicate that you have a spiritual gift. If this happens to you, instead of panicking, do something that might improve or tame your powers, such as praying or meditating.

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4. The ability to feel ‘negative energy’.

When they enter a room, they are like traveling energy radars. Even the slightest negativity in a room is detected by their sensitive radar.

They know immediately if something bad has happened in this room before they even enter it, or even what people inside think and feel. Their gift of detecting negativity is not there just to torture them. Their gift is there to help them see where to use their skills and energy to heal what needs to be healed to avoid negative energy. Their sensitive nature allows them to feel positive energy more deeply than others.



5. Detection of weather changes.

They are able to feel when a storm comes. Although the day seems perfectly sunny, they can sometimes detect the approach of the rain.

This may be because their gifts are intimately linked to nature and the strong connection with their spirit allows them to feel the weather or seasons changes.



6. These people attract animals.

Animals have stronger senses than humans. They are able to feel emotions such as anger or kindness.

It is for this reason that they come to feel our aura and that they often revolve around people who have spiritual powers.

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