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From Agitation and Anxiety To Calm and Comfortableness In 5 Simple Movements

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by agitation and can not find a way to relieve tension and relax?

Do you live in a stressful environment where it is difficult to feel calm?

The following five simple tips will help you to calm down and feel comfortable and at ease, even when the world around you will continue to run at a hundred an hour between a thousand anxieties and endless sources of stress.


1) Look for Inner Silence Spaces

When in an overly stimulating environment, our brain responds with scattered and improvised thoughts, never focused. It is complicated to concentrate or be creative when the mind is agitated.

One way to find calm is to cultivate small spaces of inner silence. You can find these spaces of silence by simply meditating- even if only for a few minutes at a time.


2) Focus on the Breath

When we are agitated or involved in a stressful situation, we simply forget to breathe. We hold our breath unconsciously, and as in a vicious circle, this inevitably increases our state of anxiety.

To be able to maintain calm and balance, try to keep awareness of your breathing, let the air flow freely into your lungs, without stopping it from flowing. When you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and agitation, focus your attention on the breath, concentrate on the air that docilely enters your body and retain awareness.


3) Go out with the people you love

When we spend time with a dear friend or with a relative we care about, our deepest self emerges with greater ease and intensity. We feel deeply connected, centered and supported, in balance.

Yes, the people we love are a safe haven, able to navigate in calm waters even when there is a stormy air around them. Friends and relatives have the extraordinary ability to give us warmth and harmony, bringing us back to the center of our self and moving closer to our simplest and most authentic values.


4) Move with Consciousness

The movement has the extraordinary ability to bring your body, your mind, and your spirit in harmony. But only on condition that you move with awareness. Moving with awareness means being witnesses and observers of the present moment in its becoming. Pay attention to the sounds, sensations, and images that unfold around you, do not ignore the environment around you.

Be aware of your movements, of every gesture however insignificant, eliminate distractions and concentrate on your self and how your body and your mind interact with the surrounding world.


5) Embrace Nature

Watching a tree or admiring a flower produces the incredible effect of making us feel better, immediately. A simple flower can help us remember how we are intimately connected with the universe and with all the other beings that inhabit this planet. Try to spend the most time in the middle of nature, every day, even if only for a few minutes.

A walk in the park, away from the noise and chaos, allows you to immediately regain harmony and tranquility, providing you with the energy and serenity necessary to better face the most complex and challenging situations.


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