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12 Negative Emotions that Lead to Physical Diseases

Grudge, remorse, rancor, form in our being an accumulation of knots, just as pettiness, greed, envy. Our fears and negative emotions form knots, obstacles, emotional cysts… These knots create obstacles that prevent the life force and flow of energy from circulating in harmony.


This blockage of energy ends up causing diseases.

We can unblock these knots by tranquility, by allowing what is, the detachment, the forgiveness, we let again circulate the life, the love, and let it go through our whole body. “All is given to me, and I redistribute all that is given to me…” “I live without fear, neither of poverty nor of the disease” This quote when one says it with conviction, radiates and returns a marvelous exchange, all the mystery of generosity vibrates and this vibration prevents the flow into nothingness.


Emotions are related to diseases

The pent up emotions inside of your body can become fixed in different parts of it. Emotions cause physical symptoms such as anxiety, heart palpitations, whirling, sweating, trembling, and sweaty hands.

These are 12 emotions that cause physical symptoms in your body:

  1. Anxiety can lead to diarrhea.
  2. Rancor can cause a liver crisis.
  3. The difficulty of finding a place can lead to a urinary infection.
  4. When we refuse to listen to something we can have ear infections, ear pain.
  5. When you do not dare to say something, you can have angina, sore throat.
  6. If you refuse to give in, you may have knee problems.
  7. If you fear the future, change your habits or are afraid of not having enough money, you may suffer from lower back pain.
  8. Inflexibility causes neck pain and neck stiffness.
  9. Conflict with authority, shoulder pains.
  10. When you take everything on yourself, you also risk having shoulder pains and a feeling of burden.
  11. If you grit your teeth to face a person or situation and keep it for yourself, you may have dental pain, canker sores, and abscesses.
  12. An apprehension of the future, or the need to slow down, cause pain in the legs, feet, and ankles.


Of course, we should not generalize, these symptoms may be due to a mechanical problem, a wrong movement, a cold… but if you do not find the cause, think about what has disturbed you lately.

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Source: The great dictionary of ailments and diseases – Jacques Martel

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