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How Dark Is Your Soul, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How dark do you think your soul is? If you are honest with yourself, the answer to this seemingly impossible question will take you forever to answer.

First, you need to think back to all the good, bad, and ugly things that you have done or that you have thought about in your life. Next, you will need to estimate how you measure up on the whole, but regardless of that, your own personal bias would further skew your estimate.

In the end, only something much less subjective and calculated overall could really answer the question: how dark is your soul? Below we try to do just that and tell you how dark your soul is, based on your zodiac sign. By using your zodiac sign to analyze the question, it gives you a much more honest, unbiased, and revealing answer.

When it comes to our zodiac signs, we tend to focus mainly on all of the joyful and positive aspects of it, while completely neglecting anything dark or corrupt about it. However, it is equally important to be aware of the negative and more sinister side of your zodiac, as it can show you an unparalleled and in-depth look at your true self.

Here it will tell you how much darkness is hiding in you so scroll down, find your sign below, and see if it is true!




Not dark at all! You are the opposite of a dark soul and not really a dark type, to begin with.

However, if you were, it would not be the dark and terrifying black that engulfs everything that enters it. You’d rather be a type of dark adrenaline-boosting, like a scary ride or something!





You have a black soul. The thing is, nobody really knows because you tend to keep away from anyone who gets close enough to see it.

Your dark soul really shows itself in terms of the possessiveness that you develop for those you open and care about. Yet, at the same time, all this jealousy and control turns out to be too overwhelming for others and they end up leaving you.





Your soul is dark gray. You are not completely dark, but you can be if it becomes necessary! A soul of dark gray hue essentially means that you are able to draw the line between good and evil, positive and negative, high and low; you master the ups and downs of life.

You can adjust to any size or color that best suits the situation and your needs!





Your soul is an intensely dark shade of indigo blue.

You are rather an emotional sign and being sensitive and insecure, your darkness is better reflected by a blue so deep that it seems almost black.

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Your soul is not dark at all. When you are as kind and tender as a Leo, there is simply no room for darkness to exist.

Which is good because you are a naturally born leader and others always follow you. You wouldn’t want to lead the others to the dark side, would you?





There is no time or place for darkness in your soul. You are a mover and a shaker, you have no energy to lose or waste by being dark.

If anything, you are set in stone when it comes to doing things in a specific way and if there was no darkness, there never will be!





Your soul is black and white. One minute, you can be miserable and mired in competition and total darkness, then the next second, you smile, you feel good and radiate pure white light!

It all depends on the time, on your current mood, and that’s it.





Your soul is pure black. No light can escape from the darkness which is your soul.

Although you may seem harmless, even a kind of gray on the outside, this is just a facade. Below all this, there is simply pure darkness.

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Your soul is not dark at all. You can sometimes be superficial and you are constantly trying the latest trends, so if darkness is one of them, you will try it!

Other than that, darkness doesn’t suit you well.





Your soul is dark but in a good way! You avoid the dark, spooky vibrations that attract others to you, so it works to your advantage.

In fact, your darkness is fun and funny, who knew it could be so great?!





Your soul is not dark. You are all about the little jokes that life has to offer and if something goes out of your way to avoid the dark side.

Your offbeat and quirky manners also help to further reflect the darkness away from you and keep you in the light.





Your soul is a mixture of darkness and light. It all depends on your mood, you may feel particularly bleak one week and the next, you are just the opposite.

Just like the bad mood you are known for, the smallest changes can have the greatest impact on the level of darkness in your soul.

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