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How Old is Your Soul, According to Your Zodiac Sign

You can be any age, old or young, and still be an old soul. What is an old soul? If you are an old soul, it means that you are wise beyond your years and have a better understanding of the world and all of its secrets. Wise people help others discover a deep appreciation, wisdom, and value behind the change.

The age of your soul does not coincide with your actual age, but rather with everything your soul has experienced in all of your lives, both now and in the past.

An old soul is someone who may or may not be born with a Master’s life path number (11, 22, 33, or 44). This is the type of person who tends to focus on the whole of life, rather than the little things because they know there is more to this world than clinging onto the past.

Old souls teach others to accept change, to let go, and to appreciate the things that matter most in life. If you are an old soul, you might not be as energetic or silly as the young at heart.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get excited about the same things they do, but you tend to be zen and calmer. You express yourself in a more “mature” way.



Which zodiacs are old souls?

Sometimes your sign leaves a clue about where you are in the karmic life cycle. When you list all the signs of the zodiac in order, you will notice that Aries is the first, and Pisces is the last. Aries can be a person with a new soul and Pisces can be there to end their journey.

It’s not an exact science, of course, but when you think about the characteristics of each zodiac sign and what is most important to them in life, it certainly makes sense.

Emotional maturity is a sign that you are dealing with an old soul. Not only that, but old souls are like no other when it comes to giving advice. It might not always be what you want to hear, but the advice is what you need to hear.

Pisces are known for their empathy, while other signs like Sagittarius and Capricorn are known for their individuality and focus. So just because you don’t tick all the boxes of what makes an old soul, that doesn’t mean you aren’t an old soul yet. Keep reading to find out how old your soul is, according to astrology:





As the first sign of the zodiac, you have to be the first in almost anything you do. This is something that comes naturally to you, Aries. That ‘me first’ mindset that you don’t seem to shake is what makes your soul eternally young.

You have an endless thirst for adventure and exploration that not only keeps your heart young but keeps your soul young too.

The way your face lights up, your eyes sparkle, and you get excited when you talk about something you love, it all proves that your soul is innocent and young, like a child.





Taurus, your soul is not as young as the soul of Aries, but it is still in its formative years.

As an earth sign, you are someone who always seeks stability and security in life, but you are also deeply interested in learning more about yourself and seeking answers to some of the biggest questions of life.

Your soul is young, like a young adolescent. You might not always handle every situation with maturity, but you should never deny yourself a chance to find out new things about the world and yourself. Embrace your young soul.





There is a hunger in you, Gemini, that tends to rule the way you handle just about everything in life. You can be pretty up and down with all of your emotions, but it’s pretty predictable for a teenage soul.

You tend to deal with a lot of inner turmoil and feelings on a regular basis, but no matter what kind of ups and downs in your emotional life, you are still interested in growing into your identity and exploring whatever the world has to offer.





Cancer, your soul is young. like a teenage girl but still slightly older than that of Gemini. You are known to be the parental zodiac sign on your team, but even if you don’t have all the answers for your friends, you still care about them.

What makes your soul a little older than the angsty teenager is that you have a more complete idea of what you want out of life. You find yourself looking more to the future than just living in the present.

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Even if you want to make a name for yourself in the world and put your nose to the grindstone, Leo, you still make sure you take enough time to party and have fun.

You are at a point in life where you know who you are and what you want, but it is still important for you to let yourself hold onto your youth.

If your soul had an age, it would be in your early twenties, that time in everyone’s life when we simultaneously want to be seen as adults but don’t want to grow fully yet.





Just like you’re not the type of person to associate with people who are just a little too immature for your liking, Virgo, you don’t like to emit immature vibrations yourself.

Your soul is in your late twenties, that time in life when it is time to start thinking about the future and making decisions that will benefit you in the long run.

You want people to take you seriously, Virgo. When you aren’t trying to do good for the world or plan for your future, you are listening to your soul to determine what you should focus on.

You tend to be drawn to people who are older than you because you feel that they can really teach you important things about life.





Anyone who knows you, Libra, knows how grown-up you can be and how much you wish you were grown-up, all at the same time.

Your soul is around 30 years old, the time when people feel like they have a pretty good grasp of all the adult things that come with being in their 30s, but still, act childishly sometimes.

What keeps you young is the fact that you always want to learn new things and enjoy life. Your soul might be in your thirties, but you’re still interested in making the most of your youth. Do not try to direct your soul to one age group or another; just enjoy everything.





One thing that makes a soul old is being able to see the bigger picture of life, instead of hanging on to the little things that won’t matter in a year. You’re not there yet, Scorpio, but the question, “Is there more to just this?” is constantly on your mind.

If your soul had an age, it would be in its forties. You are clearly a lot more mature than most zodiac signs, but you still find yourself caught up in unsaid words, meaningless conversations, and arguments.

One thing that makes you a good fit for an old soul, however, is the fact that you know better and are constantly looking for ways to be your best.

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Sagittarius, your soul is quite old, middle-aged. It’s not necessarily old by everyone’s standards, but it’s the perfect age to describe your soul specifically.

Your love for philosophy and growing as a person matures your soul, but your childish nature and ability to joke about just about anything keep your soul young.

There are times when you feel a lot older and more mature than your friends, and then there are times when you feel like a kid. Because your soul’s age is sort of in the middle; you connect with young and old souls.





As someone who is consistently reaching their goals and working toward a higher goal, Capricorn, it is safe to say that your soul is quite old (eg, the 60s-80s). You are not only above the drama and confusion that comes with growing up and learning from your mistakes, but you are also well above it all.

At this point in your life, you are more interested in being a leader and role model for those who need it most (usually the younger ones).

Life is too short to hang on to the little things that don’t really matter. You have been through so much already and you are ready to sit back and appreciate how far you have come.





You are definitely an old soul, Aquarius (like the 90s-100s). As someone who is clearly operating on a higher plane compared to all the other signs of the zodiac, there is no doubt that your soul is far from ancient.

You can’t always show it in your words or your emotions, but you’ve been through things and lived a full life in no time. For you, experiences and growth are the pillars of who you are, and it all leads to the legacy you want to leave behind.

What makes you an old soul is your belief that there is so much more to life than what happens on this earth. Anyone looking for answers to the Universe or just a deep conversation can come to you to hear your point of view. Not everyone will understand what you hear when you share your wisdom, but that’s just the cost of having a very old soul.





Pisces, your soul is ancient, much older than any other sign in the zodiac. Because you are the last zodiac sign, you are the polar opposite of Aries, whose soul is as young as that of a baby.

Your wisdom, intuition, and creativity work together to create the higher being which is you, Pisces. Not everyone understands you, but you don’t really want everyone to understand you, anyway.

You are very much in tune with your spiritual side, and you are constantly in a state of transformation that all of the other signs of the zodiac wish could be. You might not realize it, but everyone is looking at you in one way or another, all thanks to your old soul.



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