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Simple Meditation Technique to Harvest the Energy of the Universe

Cosmic energies affect our daily life in several ways. Such energies surround us in that way running through the chakra systems in our bodies, feeding our souls and minds. Therefore, it is of vital importance to pay more attention to those cosmic energies within us. One of the best ways we can take better care of our cosmic energies will be through the practice of meditation.

Here is a simple guide, which consists of six steps, to meditate on our cosmic energies. This meditation can be done in the comfort of our home, and we can experience all the benefits it offers:


Step 1: We must clear our meditation space.

The place where we are going to meditate is really important. At the time of meditation, we must be open to all the cosmic energies that surround us, which means that choosing a space that has positive cosmic energies will be very beneficial.

In fact, the space we are going to choose has to be quiet, and where nobody can bother us. The area should feel safe and comfortable. We should clean that space, and we can do it by burning sage. Then, we must affirm out loud that the area has to be cleared of all negative energies.



Step 2: We must lie down or sit on the floor.

We must lie down or sit on the floor

For the meditation of cosmic energies to be the most useful and effective, we have to be completely rooted. Once again, we need to be comfortable, which means we have to do what works best for us.

The most important thing is that our root chakra, located at the base of the spine, has to be very close to the ground. Right there, the cosmic energies are going to enter our chakra system.



Step 3: We must enter the state of meditation.

We should clear our mind completely. Nirvana is much easier to say than to do. Our purpose would be to clear our mind of all thought. The thoughts are going to happen, quickly to begin with. We should not scold ourselves for having such thoughts. We should try to see those thoughts with indifference.

It will be difficult to achieve this with emotionally charged thoughts, but with a little practice, this will be much easier. Such thoughts will begin to diminish and if they happen only occasionally, we have finally reached the appropriate meditative state.



Step 4: We must draw some energies from Earth.

draw some energies from Earth

Cosmic energies are present everywhere around us, but they originate and are densely packed within the Earth. We can really attract such energies by moving our mind to our root chakra. We can imagine the energies that rise from the ground through our spine.

They will go up to our chakra system, and they will move through our chest and abdomen, up to our throat, eyes, and, ultimately, our crown chakra, which is on the top of our head. When the energies pass through our system, we will feel the outbursts that fill us with happiness and peace.



Step 5: We must return, but we must do it gently.

When our cosmic energies are finally replenished, our state of meditation will begin to dissolve. We must not rush back to this world. Usually, it is in those moments that we will have everything more clear, and our thoughts that cross our mind will also be more enlightened.



Step 6: We must clean and move on.

In the end, we must clean our space once more. The cosmic energies with which we replenish ourselves are going to expel the negative energies that we collected throughout the day.

We must clean the space, as this will prevent negative energies from being filtered again. We should do it regularly and practice some lessons that we probably learned on our first meditation trip.

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