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10 Physical Symptoms of Being a Starseed

Sporadically, certain physical symptoms may let you know that you are experiencing an intense awakening.

Experiencing these symptoms, or a good number of them may indicate that you are experiencing an increase in your vibrations.

It is after the awakening that a Starseed moves to a period of his life in which he tries to fulfill his spiritual mission on Earth.

Therefore, if you experience these physical symptoms, you may be experiencing a sudden awakening.


10 Physical Symptoms of Being a Starseed:



1. Feeling disoriented.

The new energies that arise through your body can have a substantial effect on your feeling of being on Earth.




2. Strange aches and pains.

With this new energy flow, every corner of your body and subtle body is activated by kundalini energy.

This can make you aware of the aches and pains that were locked in your body.




3. Waking up regularly in the early hours, especially around 3 am.

It is known that the first hours of the morning are the most spiritually active hours for Starseeds, and this often means that they wake up around 3 am quite frequently during awakening as the new energies peak.




4. Occasional episodes of very deep sleep.

During this time, you are beginning your spiritual mission.

Accessing to the spiritual plane through dreams allow this work to begin, which may mean that you get up to feel as if you were in a coma.

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5. Intense, disturbing dreams.

After that, your dreams may become emotionally distressing just as they feel much more real.

Sometimes, this is part of the preparation of your next spiritual journey, and it helps you to tune into your spiritual mission on Earth.




6. Increase in sensitivity.

The new vibrational frequencies affect your third eye chakra, altering your perception.

During this transition stage, the energies are unstable, and this can cause greater sensitivity to light, temperature, and sound.




7. Muscle spasms.

Your physical and spiritual bodies are merging even more, and every cell in your body is filling with new vibrations.

This can cause small electrical pulses in the nerves of the muscles, which leads to muscle spasms.




8. Anxiety.

All these symptoms can cause anxiety attacks and depression.

High vibrations exacerbate this by activating the root chakra, which often results in fear and anxiety.




9. Flu symptoms.

Sometimes called ascension disease, the high energies in the three upper chakras can cause flu-like symptoms to appear for a short period of time.

This is probably the one we hear the most, since the symptoms can be severe, and people often visit the doctor, only to discover that there is nothing wrong with them!

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10. Mood swings.

As expected, all this transition and transformation puts incredible stress on the physical body, which can cause you to experience mood swings.

The casualties of tensions bring unpleasant moods, while the delight of spiritual reward elevates us to happiness.




These are the physical symptoms of the awakening of a stellar seed. Remember, if you experience severe symptoms, you should always consult a doctor, but when there is no medical explanation for these symptoms, it means it is a special event on your spiritual journey.

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