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8 Signs You Are a Person Whose Energy Interferes with Electronics

Everything is energy and there are people who have higher energy than others whether they know it or not. These people are called Sliders. They have the ability to affect electronics, causing them to spark or stop working.

Those who are highly energetic can even cause damage to electrical devices due to high voltage sparks of electricity.

Do you think you are one of them? If you are a real Slider, this phenomenon sometimes makes you frustrated or bored. If you’ve had the following experiences, then you are a Slider.



8 Signs You Are a Person Whose Energy Interferes with Electronics:

1. You affect the streetlights.

2. You cannot wear a watch because you easily drain its batteries, causing it to stop functioning after a few days.

3. You affect other electrical devices, such as headlights and alternators in automotive vehicles, light bulbs, and computers.

4. You can blow a light bulb every time you touch a lamp or light switch.

5. When you are nearby, computers may freeze or have other problems, and CDs may change tracks.

6. You can affect magnetic phenomena that make credit cards unreadable after you have been carrying them.

7. You may cause an irregular EKG.

8. You can have a high degree of psychic ability.

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Everything is energy:

8 Sings that Mean You Are a Person Whose Energy Interferes with Electronics 2Everything in the universe is energy. Even though some things look solid, everything has an entirely empty space with energy patterns running through it.

We have bodies that vibrate at a frequency equal to that of the earth’s electromagnetic field. If changes in these frequencies occur, unusual things occur, such as the Slider phenomenon.




Causes of the Slider phenomenon:

A Slider phenomenon occurs when a Slider is going through intense emotions, such as anger, being upset, or even becoming overly excited. These emotions then overload the bioenergetic fields or auras.

The human nervous system is chemical and electrical in nature and has neurotransmitters which are electronic impulses. When triggered by strong emotions, the nervous system quickly lights up.



Who exactly is a Slider?

Not everyone is a Slider because not everyone encounters the factors that could have caused the person to become one. The following events or accidents are thought to have caused a person to have unusually high energy:

  • Have a near-death experience.
  • Being struck by lightning.
  • Having suffered from a major electric shock in the past.
  • Having UFOs or extraterrestrial experiences.

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Other theories:

According to some theorists, people who have lived on other planets in their previous lives will be born on Earth with different energies and abilities, including the Slider phenomenon. However, if this electrical phenomenon occurs after the death of a loved one, it could indicate that Spirits are trying to communicate with bereaved loved ones.

It is also said that people who have psychic abilities are “electric people”. This is because having high energy means having high vibration, the foundation of psychic development. Psychics can transmit and receive energy from other electrical systems due to their sensitivity to high energy environments and situations.

Increased awareness develops to spiritual awakening where the awakened person comes to awareness of things beyond the dense physical reality. These are the subtle energetic realities that underlie the physical. Moving to higher levels of consciousness leads to being overfed and electrically sensitive. This is seen in the experiences of kundalini in which electrical phenomena are one of its symptoms.

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What to do about it?

Since having electrical experiences is never comfortable, a Slider must find a balance and live a life with fewer distractions. Because this phenomenon is triggered by strong emotion, finding inner peace through meditation and yoga is the best thing to do.

As you evolve on an upward spiral, you should learn to work with your high energy in a way that is not uncomfortable and uplifts other beings.


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  1. B Zanten van

    Finally an article that explains the things i experience. First cell phone going on and of randomly.
    Then Tv’s going on full mode on.

    But i had a Stephen Kings ‘Firestarter’ experience that will blow your mind. Mine to

    Watching a horrible Horror movie, and a actor scream very long and loud. I couldn’t stand it. So i yelled STOP IT at the Tv.
    Boom all the electric stuff in the house went dark. All.. my girl and i shocked, but it wasnt her first encounter.

    Then a knock on the door. Neighbours asking if we had power..Seems the whole housing Block was out power by my sceam.

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