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How to Channel Messages from Your Soul Using Automatic Writing

If you want to connect with your soul quickly and easily, there is a technique called automatic writing. Anyone can practice this technique because it is very simple to understand.

Also known as psychography, automatic writing is a process for connecting with your soul through writing.

There are different beliefs about the origin of automatic writing, some claiming that it comes from the unconscious which is a door to the soul or higher self, and others claiming that it comes from supernatural forces such as spiritual guides and angels.



Advantages of automatic writing:

  • You get direct advice from your higher Soul/Self
  • More clarity in your daily life
  • Improved decision making
  • Intuitive skills sharpened, perfected and developed
  • You feel supported and truly understood
  • You trust your intuition more




How to channel your soul with automatic writing:

For automatic writing, you will need:

  • Pen or pencil and paper/open a notebook or Word document
  • Think about the question to ask
  • Write the question
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Let the writing happen spontaneously

However, automatic writing requires practice, it often takes several sessions to be able to form concrete words.




1. Think about a question:

The purpose of automatic writing is to access advice from your soul, especially if you have trouble hearing it in everyday life.

Start each session with a clear question and write it down in your notebook or Word document. Choose a question that is really important to you. The more emotional the question, the clearer your answer will be.

Direct your question to someone or something in particular, such as your soul, a spiritual guide, or your unconscious.

The questions should be kept simple. If you have many questions, divide them into different writing sessions to facilitate the process.




2. Relax your mind:

Learning to relax your mind is the most important part of automatic writing. When your mind is still and thinking nothing, writing spontaneously becomes much easier.

How to relax your mind:

  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Mindfulness
  • Visualization
  • Yoga

Do what works for you and relaxes you the most.

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3. Enter the trance state:

As humans, we can easily go into a trance. For example, the most popular trance state is when we watch TV.

For automatic writing, entering a trance is very useful because it facilitates the spontaneous circulation of information.

Different ways to go into a trance: listening to music, yogic breathing, dancing, mantras, repetitive tasks, guided meditations or even self-hypnosis.




4. Let the information flow:

When you feel ready, you can start writing. Don’t worry if at first, you can’t keep up with the flow of information. If you are not aware of what you are writing, this is actually a very good thing. It means that you are tapping into something much bigger than your thinking mind.

Before starting an automatic writing session, it is important to give yourself as much time as necessary to express what needs to be expressed. Create a space where you can relax mentally as much as possible. Remember that you can always interpret what is written after.

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5. Interpret the information:

At some point, you will feel that your automatic writing session ends. Other times, you may suddenly stop writing and no other information will come your way.

When you are finished, analyze what you have written. First, try to look for consistent phrases or keywords that might appear. In some situations, there may even be words in different languages.




How to know if you are really channeling your soul:

You can know that you are receiving advice from your soul through how you feel while writing. Do you feel a sense of interior space, lightness and other good “vibrations”?

Or do you feel heavy, emotional and frantic? You should feel completely calm, present and at peace.



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